Skins (Halo 3)/Magnum

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
N/A Default Unlocked by default Default skin.
H3 Pistol Golden Skin.png
Golden Series 3, Tier 44 (Season point 1) Bling on the ring.
H3 Pistol Sharpshooter Skin.png
Sharpshooter Series 3, Tier 31 (Season point 1) The bite stuff.
H3 Pistol HuntersBlood Skin.png
Hunter’s Blood Series 3, Tier 1 (Season point 1) Well armed. Well armored.
H3 Pistol BlueHeaven Skin.png
Blue Heaven Series 3, Tier 22 (Season point 1) Reach for the sky.
H3 Pistol HazardPay Skin.png
Hazard Pay Series 5, Tier 57 (Season point 1) Safety first!
H3 Pistol TechCamoBravo Skin.png
Tech Camo Bravo Series 5, Tier 40 (Season point 1) Gunner's seat, please.
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