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Lone Wolf
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Level overview






Near Asźod ship breaking yard, planet Reach

Gameplay overview

Default weapons:






This is the final level of Halo: Reach, in which Noble Six dies at the end, no matter how skilled the player is. The objective is therefore to survive for as long as possible, similar to a Firefight level. With the right combination of weapons and equipment, it might just be possible to survive indefinitely...

There'll be Another Time... (Rally Point Omega)[edit]

The objective is simply to survive for as long as possible. Here are some tips:

  • As the objective is to survive, treat this level as if you are playing Firefight, but with some differences.
  • Detach both machine gun turrets and put them in the building that's directly in front of you in the beginning. It's the one with Armor Lock clearly visible.
  • Exit the building through the other side, swapping the DMR with the Assault Rifle.
  • Pick up the Shotgun, both Sniper Rifles, and the Drop Shield. Go back to the room you put the turrets in.
  • Use the Sniper Rifle to headshot Elites from a distance, and destroy the Wraith with the Spartan Laser when you get the chance.
  • When the Sniper runs out, swap it for the DMR.
  • When the Elites converge on your position, pick up the turrets and gun them down.
  • When your turrets run out, switch to your Shotgun. Elite Generals should start appearing at this point.
  • Pick up an Energy Sword when you get the chance, and swap it for a fresh sword as often as possible. Hold a Concussion Rifle in your second slot to avoid accidentally losing access to a sword.
  • Deploy your Drop Shield whenever your shields are running low. You'll have your motion tracker for the entire level, and it is very important that you keep an eye on that.
  • Don't forget to use the health pack that's in the same room when you need it.
  • For some reason sometimes you can kill any Covenant with two shots from a pistol.
  • Remember to use your weak weapons before your power weapons.
  • Only use med packs when your health is red.
  • If you take enough damage, you will lose your ammo and grenade indicators in your HUD.
  • After about 3 minutes of surviving Elite generals with concussion rifles are more common.
  • Once all your other guns ammunition is out go to the top of any building and try to pistol the enemy down.
  • Once you are out of ammo stay at the edge of the screen and take the enemy out by meleeing them then take their weapon.
  • If you have the Black Eye skull enabled, slashing enemies with an Energy Sword will recharge your shield. On lower difficulties (especially Easy), it is possible to survive for extraordinary lengths of time if you make no serious mistakes.
  • Meleeing enemies in the back will result in a Beat Down. With the Black Eye skull enabled, and with some practice, this is an even more efficient way to kill enemies than the Energy Sword.
  • This level is ideal with score attack enabled, where you can challenge yourself to earn the highest score possible in the level.


There's an exploit allows you to survive indefinitely without doing anything. Just crouch in the corner of the Armor Lock room, behind the three crates. If the crates are positioned correctly, Elites will not see you.