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i love bees credits

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These are the production credits for i love bees. The following people were credited in a special page on the I Love Bees website;

Director/Lead Designer

  • Elan Lee

Puzzle Designers

  • Elan Lee
  • Ronnie Lee
  • Jane McGonigal
  • Maureen McHugh
  • Bill Redmann
  • Sean Stewart
  • Jim Stewartson

VP Design

  • Elan Lee

Community Lead/Designer

  • Jane McGonigal

Managing Editor

  • Maureen McHugh

Senior Programmer

  • Markus Roskothen

DVD Graphics

  • Laura Schumaker

Lead Writer/Designer

  • Sean Stewart

CTO, 4orty2wo Entertainment

  • Jim Stewartson

Technical Director/Designer

  • Jim Stewartson

Audio Production Manager

  • Jesse Trott

Website Mary Varnarsdale

Chief Creative

  • Jordan Weisman


  • Rick Zieff

Voice Talent


  • Susan Bonds

DVD Authoring

  • Guy Cochran

IT: 4orty2wo Entertainment

  • George Cook


  • Bryan Engram

Axon Scouts

  • Natalie Ervin
  • Cory Gonzales
  • Joel Gonzales
  • Ronnie Lee
  • Kiyash Monsef

Media Producer

  • Bob Fagan

Script Supervisor

  • Kristine Greco

Website Photographer

  • Kramm Gulch


  • Rachel Hardy
  • Rachel Joelle


Character Recording

  • Greg Jefferson

Axon Researchers

  • Abigail Ladieu
  • Tanya Short

Special Thanks