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George Shebura
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George Shebura is an associate fiscal investigator or auditor/accountant in the I Love Bees saga. He was sent to audit Jersey Morelli's accounts. George has been working with the government audit department for 9 years. Employee performance records say he is precise, punctual, efficient, arrogant, and not well-liked. He was due to be promoted until Durga, a rogue ONI AI attached to Jersey, attacked him.

Durga who was present during the audit didn't like how Mr Shebura was treating Jersey and so over the course of the audit:

  • Canceled his promotion
  • Gave him a pay cut.
  • Transferred him to Alaska.
  • Increased the temperature were he was standing in the apartment and shone all the lights on him.
  • Created a fake slut-chat bill and sent it to his family account.
  • Created 14 counts of counterfeit and got him arrested by an Officer of the Treasury.
  • Put out a call over the Police lines stating that he was to be arrested for assault.
  • Created a warrant saying he was armed and dangerous.
  • Put out a fake hazardous chemical contamination alert, prompting the Enviro Department to vacate the premises.
  • Reported George to Animal Control, stating that he was dealing in a scheme for trading in wild Honey Badgers that, "had gone so terribly, terribly wrong...".
  • Activated the fire sprinklers in the room.

His torment apparently did not end after the audit, as some time later Durga reported to Jersey that he had received 7 more parking tickets in one week, and was about to have his car repossessed.[1]


  • His present marriage to, Jane Shebura - 36, is his second. His first wife, Linda, left him saying, "it was that, or die of boredom." [2]

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