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Axon Scouts

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Axon Scouts were 4orty2wo Entertainment staff that researched payphones for the I Love Bees game. During the game players were directed to payphones throughout the country to take part in "tests" and puzzles that would allow them to unlock Axons.

4orty2wo started with about 70/30 split on scouted axons and nonscouted axons. For that 30% that wasn't scouted, an Axon scout had to drive/fly/walk to the site and check if the payphone accepted incoming calls. Often the scouts would go through 11 phones before finding one that accepted incoming calls.

The geographic distribution was designed two ways[1]:

  • First, we wanted axons in places where we thought players would be
  • Second, we put axons in places we thought were cool, interesting, or might be fun to go visit...

The following Scouts traveled all over America, "getting speeding tickets, weird looks, jet lag etc. in their herculean efforts to travel all over the country" to check the phones:

  • Natalie Ervin
  • Cory Gonzales
  • Joel Gonzales
  • Ronnie Lee
  • Kiyash Monsef