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This article is about the civillian. For the ODST, see Antonio Silva.

"Beats the hell out of competing with every book-worming refugee from the glassworks for a real job, don't it?"
— Antonio

Antonio was a college student on Earth. Like many natives, he felt resentment regarding the colonial refugees who fled to the planet to escape the Covenant threat. In 2552, he led a card counting ring that targeted the Apollonian Temple Casino. After losing a substantial amount of money, the casino's manager hired, through his organized crime contact Aiden Maki, genius hacker Kamal Zaman to figure out their trick.

Kamal succeeded, and a casino guard took him into the back. The manager, assuming that refugee Kamal would want serious payback for Antonio's anti-colonial remarks, had the guard begin to beat him up, but stopped when Kamal threatened to quit. Antonio was then escorted to the bar and bought a drink while Kamal used Antonio's voice to make the card counters lose all their cheat-won money and then some. The card counters were subsequently kicked out of the casino and given the manager's lawyer's card.

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