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Requests for adminship: BaconShelf

Submitted: May 28th, 2020, by CIA391
Closed: June 11th, 2020, by CIA391
Result: Success


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I, CIA391, nominate BaconShelf for adminship of Halopedia.

Nominee, please accept or defer the above nomination below this line.


Reason for nomination

I nominate BaconShelf to be an admin on Halopedia. They have done a ton of work with several huge tasks such as moving files to a standard and have organised many categories (An area that required heavy work). Their work on the "Development of Halo: Combat Evolved" project also sparked a huge overhaul project that would be greatly assisted by BaconShelf having administrative powers.

With "Halo Infinite" coming out this year, its important that we have a team that can handle the upcoming storm of content that is sure to come. And I believe BaconShelf is up to that challenge.-CIA391 (talk) 12:00, May 28, 2020 (EDT)


To vote please visit the voting thread here. Voting will end on the June 11, 2020.

Results: Success

Overwhelming support: 11

Oppose: 0

BaconShelf is now an Admin.


Nominee, if you accept the nomination, please answer the following questions. It is advised that voters check the nominee's responses before voting.

1. When did you join Halopedia?

  • March 22, 2015

2. What do you believe are your most valued contributions to Halopedia?

This is a tough one, as I've done a lot of work here over the past couple of years. I'll list some in no particular order that I'm particularly proud of;

  • Tackled a very significant portion of the image rework and revamp project, particularly focusing on uploading, sourcing and properly naming concept art. This includes renaming and categorising all of the Halo: Reach concept art category, among others.
  • Completed "Project: Warthog", a massive re-work and re-vamp of the articles pertaining to the Warthog and its variants, culminating in reworks to every single existing Warthog page for consistency, as well as making pages for all variants.
  • Extending from the Warthog project, going on to do a good chunk of the work in making navboxes and pages pertaining to all Halo 5 REQ/ Halo Wars 2 Blitz unit variants, as well as mentioned-only variants seen in lore.
  • Created and populated "images of" categories for all multiplayer maps, as well as grabbing loads of screenshots from the games to put in.
  • The aforementioned Development of Halo: CE article

3. What do you believe are your most valued technical contributions to Halopedia?

I use a bot account called SpyglassUnitBeta (SpyglassUnitAlpha is the name of my bot account over on the Titanfall wiki, so the name felt fitting!) to do mass-edits and re-categorisation on the regular, as part of ongoing back-end work. I've also made a number of navbox templates for various subjects.

4. What do you believe are your most valued contributions to the community?

Mostly, I'm very active in the Halopedia discord server as far as talking goes. More recently, I've been helping organise and host Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris gamenights along with Dab1001. I also do some work on the twitter side.

5. If you are administrated, what changes do you propose?

I don't propose any changes in particular - my interest in being admin is more for the purposes of site maintenance.

6. To the best of your understanding, what does administratorship entail?

For the most part, editing like any other member of the community. The only difference is the increased responsibility that comes with the ability to delete pages and block users.

This was pretty much the policy I went with after becoming a bureacrat on the Titanfall Wikia, and later a Patroller here - I don't see any reason to continue any differently.

7. To the best of your understanding, when will you be able to check Halopedia after you are administrated, in the event that you are?

I check Halopedia everyday, I see no reason for this to change.

8. What communities are you associated with online, Halo and otherwise?

I'm on the teams for the Operation: Trebuchet ARMA 3 mod, alongside the Far Isle mod. I'm also pretty active in the Sins of the Prophets discord server, alongside the Halopedia discord server.

9. What is your familiarity with the Halo universe?

I'd say I have a very good level of familiarity with it, particularly when it comes to media released prior to 2015.

10. What is your familiarity with Halopedia policies?

I'd say I'm pretty familiar, except for the areas where we're still working on setting up new standards (such as layouts and referencing), as we're still changing those frequently at the moment.

11. What is your relationship with the Halopedia community and current administration?

I'd say it's pretty good, I get on pretty well with the current staff team already.

12. How may users contact you?

I'm very active on here and especially in the Halopedia Discord.

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