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Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack credits

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The Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack credits is a list of credits for people who worked on the original soundtrack of Halo 5: Guardians.


Disc 1[edit]

1 _ Halo Canticles

2 _ Light is Green

3 _ Kamchatka

4 _ Return to the Fold

5 _ Rock and Ice

6 _ Argent Moon

7 _ Scavengers

8 _ In Absentia

9 _ Meridian Crossing

10 _ Unearthed

11 _ Unconfirmed Reports

12 _ Keeper of Secrets

13 _ Cavalier

14 _ Crossed Paths

15 _ Untethered

16 _ Skeleton Crew

17 _ Siren Song

18 _ Enemy of my Enemy

19 _ Honor's Song

20 _ Warrior World

21 _ Covenant Prayers

22 _ Cloud Chariot

23 _ Sentry Battle

24 _ Worldquake

Disc 2[edit]

1 _ Advent

2 _ Walk Softly

3 _ Genesis

4 _ Dominion

5 _ The Trials

6 _ Sentinel Song

7 _ Crypt

8 _ End Game

9 _ Reunion

10 _ Blue Team

11 _ Jameson Locke

12 _ Osiris Suite, Act 1

13 _ Osiris Suite, Act 2

14 _ Osiris Suite, Act 3

15 _ Osiris Suite, Act 4


Kazuma Jinnouchi[edit]

On November 18, 2013, I was in a room with Tim and Josh, as well as the audio and narrative teams to present my first pass draft of Locke's theme. As soon as I finished playing the demo, the discussion went well beyond the music - who this new Spartan is, where he is coming from, and so on. For composers, it is always inspiring to talk outside of music language, and our discussion was no exception. After we spoke, I immediately went back to my studio. Two weeks later, we had our new musical foundation for Jameson Locke.

A year later, I was at Abbey Road Studios with Nobuko and our wonderful music team to record this theme. Music production involves not only composition, but also orchestration, preparation, performance and engineering. When you have such an amazing music team, who can see the true identity in each piece of music, you realize how music can evolve beyond what you initially imagined.

I am thrilled to be a part of this evolving Halo universe. On behalf of the team who is striving for the best Halo 5: Guardians experience, I sincerely hope you enjoy our fresh new take on each sound and the story we're telling through our music.


Kazuma Jinnouchi

Frank O'Connor[edit]

Over the years, I've had the tremendous honor of previewing almost every Halo soundtrack. For me, music has always been the most gripping mnemonic aspect of any media - movie, TV or game. And I've always taken a kind of giddy pleasure in exploring our game's canvas through the music first - imagining frantic fights, towering Forerunner constructs, or emotionally charged reunions. Premonitions of the final game experience, sometimes months before the final pixels are painted.

So in closing my eyes during Halo Canticle, I'm fitting through familiar places, reliving adventures I haven't had yet, and playing with the malleable nature of my own memory.

Kazuma has created something entirely new here, and yet it's anchored in traditions and emotional resonances that have made the Halo series musically remarkable, and it's been a privilege to hear it for you first, and tell you to close your eyes, and let it wash over you, and swim deeper into it.

Franchise Development Director

Frank O'Connor

Nobuko Toda[edit]

Kazuma and I started our journey on Halo projects back in 2012 with his theme from Halo 4, "117." Having known his music for over 15 years through our collaboration on a number of projects, I strongly believe in his music, and it is always exciting to listen to his demo, and envision its final form. I can feel the love he felt toward the project, and the experience he envisioned through music.

Given a role to add final touch to the music, to enhance its expression with more depth, my focus was to assemble the best Halo 5: Guardians music team to ensure that the orchestral performance is maximized, production value is at its best, and its sonic quality enhances overall audio experience of the game as a whole.

From all around the world, Seattle, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and Prague, the best creative minds were gathered, and became a wonderful music team. In addition to expressing my sincere appreciation to the team that has poured their utmost energy in Kazuma's music, I feel excited that we are able to express through music, the passions of our music team to the Halo fans all over the world.

Executive Music Producer/Orchestrator,

Nobuko Toda

Tim Longo[edit]

Every generation has its grand science-fiction franchise that transcends the collective consciousness of the world. Few span multiple generations. Halo is one of those that has pushed through to become a pervasive part of the gaming and pop culture zeitgeist and Halo's musical scores have always been a major part why that is the case. With such a rich musical legacy throughout the series, each new addition to that legacy has a lot to prove. With Kazuma and his team's work on the Halo 5: Guardians score it is no different. This score brings together an amazingly wide yet deep amount of experiential and emotional perspectives into one enormous soundtrack that completely deserves to become a part of the Halo canon. We have the classic hero and thus the classic themes to accompany our core story of Master Chief and Blue Team. We also have the exciting new musical perspectives of a rich set of Spartans on an impossible mission in the form of Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris. We gave Kazuma and his team the impossible task to create hours of unforgettable compositions that would span multiple worlds, game experiences, and emotional journeys and still feel cohesive and purely Halo. They have done just that. It was an honor to sit in our audio sessions and iterate, discuss and be blown away by Kazuma's work. As I listen to the score, while I write this, I know you too will be overwhelmed with this grand science-fiction touchstone.

Creative Director

Tim Longo


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Music Production: London & Los Angeles[edit]

Executive Music Producer - Nobuko Toda

Music Production - FILM SCORE LLC

Studio Manager: Abbey Road Studios - Colette Barbar

Studio Manager: Air Studios - Lucy Matthews

Recording Engineer

Peter Cobbin

Sam Okell

Geoff Foster

Assistant Score Engineer

Lewis Jones

Matt Jones

John Barrett

Stefano Civetta

John Prestage

Laurence Anslow

Orchestra and Theme Choir Recorded at

Abbey Road Studios, London

Air Studios, London

Orchestra Contractor - Isobel Griffiths

Assistant Orchestra Contractor - Lucy Whalley

Orchestrated by - Nobuko Toda

Music Preparation Supervisor - Thanh Tran

Music Preparation

Nick Petrillo

Breton Vivian

Music Copyist

Tina Tamura

Junko Tamura

Librarian for Choir

Phil Knights

Conducted by

Matt Dunkley

Gavin Greenaway

Orchestra Leader - Thomas Bowes


Everton Nelson

Magnus Johnston

Dai Emanuel

Ian Humphries

Christina Emanuel

John Bradbury

Maciej Rakowski

Gillian Findlay

Laura Melhuish

Jim McLeod

Oli Langford

Cathy Thompson

Martin Burgess

Rose Warren-Green

Clare Thompson

Shlomy Dobrinsky

Thomas Kemp

Patrick Kiernan

Emlyn Singleton

Corinne Chapelle

Jonathan Strange

Paul Willey

Rita Manning

Gaby Lester

Chris Tombling

Lorraine McAslan

Sonia Slany

Bea Lovejoy

Kathy Gowers

Tom Pigott-Smith

Benedict Cruft

Ralph De Souza

Steve Morris

Perry Montague-Mason

Philippe Honore

Boguslaw Kostecki

Mark Berrow

Roger Garland

Debbie Widdup

Jonathan Evans-Jones

Warren Zielinski

Dorina Markoff


Bruce White

Rachel Bolt

Nick Barr

Martin Humbey

Clive Howard

Fiona Bonds

Pete Lale

Julia Knight

Catherine Bradshaw

Richard Cookson

Jake Walker

Clare Finnimore

Kate Musker

Andy Parker

Reiad Chibah

Paul Cassidy

Garfield Jackson


Ian Burdge

Tony Woollard

Paul Kegg

Frank Schaefer

Julia Graham

Caroline Dearnley

Chris Worsey

Tim Gill

Emma Black

David Lale

Brian O'Kane

Sophie Harris

Lionel Handy

Anthony Lewis

Nick Cooper

Dave Daniels

Jonathan Williams


Chris Laurence

Steve Mair

Mary Scully

Richard Pryce

Stacey Watton

Allen Walley

Andy Marshall

Steve Williams

French Horns

Richard Watkins

Sam Jacobs

Nigel Black

Richard Berry

Katy Woolley

John Ryan

Laurence Davies

Nicholas Korth

David Pyatt

Richard Bissill

Simon Rayner

Philip Eastop


Phil Cobb

Kate Moore

Alistair Mackie

Christian Barraclough

Simon Munday

Tenor Trombone

Richard Edwards

Mark Nightingale

Bass Trombone

Dave Stewart

Andy Wood

Keith McNicoll


Owen Slade

Nick Hitchens

Pete Smith

Piano - Iain Farrington

Percussion - Frank Ricotti

Drums - Paul Clarvis

Chorus for Halo Canticle - London Voices

Chorus Masters - Terry Edwards and Ben Parry


Sara Brimer

Joanna Forbes-Lestrange

Joanna Eteson

Rosalind Waters


Catherine Backhouse

Judy Rees

Tamsin Dalley

Clara Sanabras


Garth Bardsley

Benedict Hymas

Richard Eteson

Peter Wilman


Ben Bevan

Michael Dore

Tom Bullard

Stefan Berkieta


Nicholas Ashby

John Evanson

Brian Etheridge

Lawrence Wallington

Solo Vocal

Dessislava Stefanova

Custom Percussion sampling by

Cinesamples Team

Michael Patti

Michael Barry

Sam Estes

Michael Hobe

Anne-Katherine Dern

Elisa Rice

Scoring Mixer - Denis Sands

Musician Contractor - Hollywood Scoring

Recorded at - MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Score Sound Design - Drew Jordan

Music Scoring Mixer - Alan Meyerson

Additional Music Scoring Mixer - Chris Fogel

Assistant Music Scoring Mixer

John W. Chapman

Christian Wenger

Music Mixed at - Remote Control Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by - Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen

Mastered at - Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Music Production: Prague[edit]


Choir Conducted by - Miriam Nemcova

Recording Engineer - Jan Holzner

Assistant Engineer - Cenda Katzman

Assistant to the composer - Stanja Vomackova

Choir Contractor - James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd.

Recorded at - Dvorak Hall of the Rudolfinum, Prague

Special Thanks to

Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori

Peter Thomas

Gareth Griffiths

Chris Egan

Arriba Entertainment Inc.

Miri Zaruba

Riyadh Haque

Joanne Leung

Koyo Sonae

343 Industries[edit]

Creative Director - Tim Longo

Director of Production - Chris Lee

Cinematic Director - Brien Goodrich

Audio Director - Sotaro Tojima

Audio Producer - Mary Olson

Audio Manager - Ken Kato

Additional Score Sound Design - Kyle Fraser

Music Editing & Implementation

Jeramy Koepping

Chase Thompson

Matthew Jarvis

Robbie Elias

Director of Consumer Products - John Friend

Consumer Products Category Manager - Tiffany O'Brien

Product Development Manager - Scott Jobe

Album Cover Design - Kyle Stanley Hunter

Franchise Development Director - Frank O'Connor

Studio Head of Internal Development - Josh Holmes

Studio Head, Halo Entertainment - Kiki Wolfkill

Corporate Vice President - Bonnie Ross

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