Gri 'Waqilsee

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Gri 'Waqilsee
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June 7, 2526[1]

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Sacrificed to trick the UNSC into recovering his sabotaged energy shield emitter[1]

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First Blade


Gri 'Waqilsee was a Fleet Ranger of the Covenant, and later served as First Blade of the Ranger complement for the mutineer Flotilla of Unsung Piety.[1]


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Main article: Battle of Netherop

In June 2526, Gri 'Waqilsee served as part of the Fleet Ranger complement for Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee and his mutineering Flotilla of Unsung Piety. Believing themselves charged with destroying the Office of Naval Intelligence, the flotilla deployed onto Netherop as part of a plan to lure in ONI and plant two Luminal Beacons inside some otherwise unremarkable Covenant technology, in the hopes that ONI would take the beacons back to their headquarters and provide the Covenant the location of their base. However, this plan went awry, resulting in 'Waqilsee volunteering to have a beacon planted inside his armour's energy shield emitter and then sacrificed into enemy fire, as to allow his body to be recovered and taken back to human space. When presented to Nizat, the Fleetmaster feigned knowledge of 'Waqilsee's status due to the nature of the task he was about to undertake, believing that the ranger deserved that honour.[1]

Shortly thereafter, 'Waqilsee and his comrades engaged the surviving crew of UNSC Phyllis Wheatley in combat, with Linda-058 downing 'Waqilsee with a grenade and a MA5C assault rifle burst. Unlike most Sangheili, 'Waqilsee was mounting an external heavy-duty energy shield generator on his armour which had had its automatic self-destruct feature disabled, meaning that it remained intact on his death. As such, ONI Section Three Captain Stocken noticed this and motioned to recover the body.[2] John-117 went to remove the shield emitter from 'Waqilsee's armour but was stopped by Stocken and Lieutenant Commander Amalea Petrov, who feared that removing the generator might destroy it. As such, she suggested leaving the Castoffs on Netherop to allow the UNSC to extract 'Waqilsee's body wholesale.[3] In the end, the recovery of 'Waqilsee's body proved to be the only part of the mission to Netherop that could be considered a success, with the original mission objective - the downed frigate Steadfast Strike - destroyed in the fighting.[4]


As the First Blade Ranger for the flotilla, 'Waqilsee donned a blue harness outfitted with energy shielding.[1]

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