Excavation Site/Walkthrough

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Excavation Site
Site Novem
Level overview




  • Investigate The Excavation Site
  • Destroy The Mining Laser
  • Defeat Bassus
  • Enter The Conservatory


Site Novem

Gameplay overview


Grunts, Elites, Brutes, Brute Chieftans, Brute Berserkers and Bassus



Acting on Spartan Griffin's information, John-117 and the Weapon investigated Site Novem, a Banished excavation site. At the seemingly deserted dig site, they found that the Banished's mining laser had cut through Forerunner columns into a subterranean structure. Before they could enter, the mining laser activated, preventing the Spartan from entering the tunnel. After analysis by the Weapon, John-117 destroyed the mining laser's cooling pylons. When he returned to the mining laser's control room, he was met by the dig site security commander Bassus[1]. The two fought, with the Spartan emerging victorious. John-117 shut down the laser, and prepared to enter the tunnel.


Once You Have Arrived At The Excavation Site go to the tunnel in the cliffside in front of the mining laser and a cutscene will automatically be triggered. After, you will need to make your way into the Mining Laser, fending off the Banished forces.

When you are in the mining laser you will need to defeat some Grunts and Jackals and then make your way to the console toward the front of the laser. Once you have used the console you will have to go to a switch and destroy several cooling pylons.

You will then need to make your way back to the console and trigger it again causing a cutscene, you will then need to defeat Bassus (Quick Tip: Keep away from Bassus' gravity hammer). After you defeat Bassus you will need to trigger the console (again), at which point you will be able to enter Conservatory

Next Mission[edit]

The Next Mission is Conservatory click --> here <-- for the next walkthrough.

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