Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Reverie/06

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JAN 20, 2560 // Kovan scouts the Banished deep in the red zone, discovering a potential vulnerability of the enemy.

[Sound: Distant clamoring.]

  • Spartan Nina Kovan: Griffin, this is Kovan.
  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: Report.
  • Kovan: Recon sweep of the red zone is complete. As we thought, the Banished forces are highly stratified and fragmented. Competition and infighting is encouraged to elevate new leaders. Their unity hinges entirely on the War Chief. If Escharum were removed...
  • Griffin: Assassination could sow a lot of chaos among the Banished.
  • Kovan: It's risky... but it might be our best option.
  • Griffin: Good work, Kovan. Get back here. We've got some planning to do.