Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Retaliation/04

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JAN 30, 2560 // Griffin sends a one-way transmission back to Mortal Reverie, telling them of the assault and to abandon ship.

  • Spartan Hudson Griffin: (Panting) This is Griffin to FFG-Five-Two-Five. Reverie. Do you read me?
  • Suit AI: Griffin, you are badly injured. And your armor's medical systems are offline. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Griffin: Open up a one-way encryption channel to Reverie's up-spin transmitter.
  • Suit AI: Encrypted, one-way transmission confirmed. Record when ready.
  • Griffin: The mission was a failure. Escharum was waiting for us the whole time. Malik, Panago, Sarkar. All gone. Listen to me, Reverie. Escharum has dispatched almost every soldier and asset they have available. Their goal is...

[Sound: Static]

  • Griffin: We have only one objective now. It's not victory, it's not extraction, it's not even survival. We must deny the Banished this Ring no matter what it costs us.
  • Suit AI: (Static) Transmission sent.