Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Evacuation/06

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DEC 12, 2559 // Spartans Vedrana Makovich and Henri Malik engage the enemy swarming Infinity in a desperate attempt to buy time for the UNSC.

[Sound: Distant explosions.]

  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: Infinity, Windfall-One. You've got two- make that three Phantoms on fast approach. What's your status?
  • Infinity Comms AI: Infinity is launching lifeboats and drop pods on course to the surface of the Halo Ring.
  • Makovich: What?! That's suicide! The skies are still thick with Banished! Malik you still with me?
  • Spartan Henri Malik: Windfall-Four on your six, Spartan.
  • Makovich: Infinity's launching the evac — the UNSC is abandoning ship. We've gotta get those pods safely to the surface of-

[Sound: Explosion.]

  • Makovich: Damn it, I got incoming!
  • Malik: You got five Banshees on you, Mako!
  • Makovich: Better on me than the lifepods! Cover us, Windfall-Four, I'm getting them to the surface!