Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Yoroi/Shoulder

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Shoulders Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Crescent Moon Left Shoulder.Icon of the Crescent Moon Right Shoulder
Crescent Moon
Fractures Samurai Worn by samurai commanders, and those who aspire to leadership. Epic Purchase "Chonmage Armor Set" from the Shop for 2,000 cR
Menu icon for Halo Infinite Yoroi armor customization.Menu icon for Halo Infinite Yoroi armor customization.
Fractures Samurai Shoulder armor in the shape of an opened codex and a closing gate. Legendary
Icon of the Sixth Gate Left Shoulder.Icon of the Sixth Gate Right Shoulder.
Sixth Gate
Fractures Samurai Every element of the samurai's appearance has deep philosophical and practical meaning. Rare Purchase "Sixth Gate Loyalty" from the Shop for 700 cR