Armor customization (Halo Infinite)/Mark VII/Wrist

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Wrist Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Deaconcrest Shield Node Wrist.
Materials Group The integration of human and Forerunner technology has begun to move from experimental to general issue, though not without its share of technical issues and unforseen challenges. Legendary Season 02: Lone Wolves Battle Pass level 100 (Free)
The CASKLOOM wrist attachment icon.
Materials Group Testbed for a full reimplementation of Jackal portable shield generators. Legendary
  • Purchase "Aquahex" Super Bundle from the Shop
  • Purchase "Security GEN3" Bundle from the Shop
Icon of the Project STEPSWEEP Wrist.
Watershed Division Not field servicable. Report any unusual shield harmonics or auditory hallucinations to Watershed Division immediately. Epic Purchase "War Master Armor Set" Bundle from the Shop
Icon of the TAC/Holodyne Milspec wrist.
TAC/Holodyne Milspec
Imbrium Machine Complex Compact interactive hologram emitter. Rare Complete the "Punch Money" Ultimate Challenge between July 4 and 11, 2023
TAC/SPIKE Lantern icon
TAC/Spike Lantern
Ushuaia Armory Prototype Spartan-specific AN/AVQ-920 targeting pod for Damocles artillery networks, though few such systems survive in an uncompromised state. Epic Season 03: Echoes Within Battle Pass level 20 (Premium)
Season Pass Icon
UA/Type II-A1 Buckler
Materials Group Despite rumors to the contrary, this buckler does not have an energy shield generator. Legendary Season 01: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass level 100 (Free)
Icon of the UTIL BattleBuddy.
Emerson Tactical Systems Portable battlenet terminal and digital assistant. Also available in a Pro model, at extra cost. Legendary Purchase the "Courier" or "Hazmat Haven" bundle from the Shop
UTIL/RailGrip wrist icon.
Lethbridge Industrial Prototype gravitic field driver developed in cooperation with Materials Group and Watershed Division. Not recommended for combat use. Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 73 (Premium)