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Helmet Attachments
Helmet Attachment Manufacturer Lore Compatible Helmets Rarity Unlock Requirements
D-Guard Filterpack helmet attachment icon.
D-Guard Filterpack
JOTUN Heavy Industries Smart-track flow sensor for enhanced filtration. Ashmaw Legendary Purchase "Citrus Ashmaw" Bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR
Icon of the Lumen Prolight attachment.
Lumen ProLight
SinoViet Heavy Machinery For only the brightest of ideas. Ogun Rare Containment Event Pass Level 7
Icon image of the MMC Filter attachment for the SKARBNIK-class helmet.
MMC Filter
Korolev Heavy Industries Extended-duration nanomachine filtration creation. Skarbink Epic Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 35 (Premium)
Icon image of the Moonbeam helmet attachment for the NOTUS-class helmet.
Korolev Heavy Industries Illuminating the path forward. Notus Epic Season 04: Infection HAZMAT Event Pass Level 7
Icon of the MULTIVIS BCG attachment.
Korolev Heavy Industries Polyband keysight suite tuned for early detection of biological and chemical threats. Temfor Legendary Purchase "Temfor" Bundle from the Shop for 1,800 cR
Icon image of the PRO-TEK CUSTOM attachment for the BURROWLENS-class helmet.
Pro-Tek Custom
Imbrium Machine Complex Modular SoftFlex armor pads which do not interfere with VISR operations or impede visual readouts of relevant datastreams. Burrowlens Epic Purchase "Toolmaster" Bundle from the Shop for 1,400 cR
Signaltech Deepeye helmet attachment icon.
Signaltech Deepeye
JOTUN Heavy Industries Wide-band scanner adapted for identifying materials composition and structural integrity of industrial components.
  • Oberon
  • Osteo
  • Voidspear
Legendary Season 04: Infection Battle Pass level 99 (Premium)
Icon image of the Threatwave FTK attachment for the STEELHEART-class helmet.
Threatwave FTK
Imbrium Machine Complex Environmental sampling probe and microlab for realtime threat analysis. Steelheart Epic Purchase "Steelheart" Bundle from the Shop for 1,600 cR