Alpha Aurigae system

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Alpha Aurigae system
Stellar overview

Orbiting planets:

At least two; Capella, Origami[1]

Societal overview

Notable events:

Battle of Alpha Aurigae


Unified Earth Government


The Alpha Aurigae system, also known as Capella, is a planetary system.[1]


Planetary system[edit]

Name Image Description Orbiting locations
Capella N/A
Origami HWG BattleOfAlphaAurigae.png Origami Asteroid Field


Rise of humanity[edit]

The system was settled in the early 25th-century, with Capella being settled in 2420 and Origami being settled in 2421.[1]


The system was the site of the Skirmish at Capella between the UNSC Gorgon and Insurrectionist forces in May 2502. The skirmish resulted in the deaths of thirty-two crew members of the Gorgon and damages which required a month laid up in space dock to repair.[2]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

On October 21, 2526, the system was invaded by the Covenant. Admiral Cole's fleet responded, defeating the Covenant fleet in the Origami Asteroid Field, but taking heavy casualties in the battle.[3] Both colonies were attacked to an unknown degree.[1]

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