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An M29 rocket fired from an M57 Pilum rocket launcher in Halo 5: Guardians.
An M29 missile in flight.

The M29 50x137mm High Explosive, Multi-Purpose (HEMP) is a rocket munition employed in the armed forces of the United Nations Space Command.[1][2]


M29 rockets are the primary ordnance for the M57 Pilum series of rocket launchers in UNSC service. They are typically loaded into the rocket in disposable two-rocket box magazines, and are typically used to counter enemy vehicles and Promethean Knights.[1]

While the HEMP is the standard warhead for the missile, there are other specialist options available. These including thermobaric incendiary warheads, and Dumb AI-driven "brilliant" guidance systems.[1] When used on select variants of the launcher such as the "Ad Victoriam", M29 missiles can be laser guided by the operator's smart-link. The Ad Victoriam additionally stocks its rockets in such a way that three are fired with one trigger pull, and launched in a "V" formation.[3]


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