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Vehicle Specialist

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Vehicle Specialist was a career award found on the web version of Halo Waypoint from 2009-2014 and on the Xbox 360 version until its discontinuation in 2022.[1] It was represented by a flaming wheel medal with a black and gold ribbon. The award consisted of 25 achievements related to vehicles and vehicular combat. These achievements were organized into six tiers.


  1. Ghost Patrol
  2. Look Both Ways
  3. Road Rage
  4. Vidmaster Challenge: Annual
  5. Maybe Next Time Buddy
  6. Used Car Salesman
  7. Mongoose Mowdown
  8. We're in for Some Chop
  9. Too Close to the Sun
  10. Living Loving Bug
  11. 2 Bugs are Better Than 1
  12. Beaming With Pride
  13. Rhino Hugger
  14. He's Got The Jack
  15. Everything's Better With Bacon
  16. Wraith Killer
  17. Stunning!
  18. Banshees, Fast and Low
  19. Tank Beats Everything
  20. Wake Up, Buttercup
  21. Two Corpses in One Grave
  22. This Side Up
  23. I'll Be Taking That!
  24. How Pedestrian
  25. No-Fly Zone