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Distinguished Service

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Distinguished Service was a career award found on the web version of Halo Waypoint from 2009-2014 and on the Xbox 360 version until its discontinuation in 2022.[1] It was represented by one large and two small eight-pointed stars with a black and red ribbon. The award consisted of 32 completionist achievements. These achievements were organized into six tiers.


  1. Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan
  2. Marathon Man
  3. Campaign Complete: Legendary (Halo 3 achievement)
  4. Campaign Complete: Heroic (Halo 3 achievement)
  5. Campaign Complete: Normal (Halo 3 achievement)
  6. Ready for the Sequel
  7. Halo Historian
  8. Graverobber
  9. Empire Builder
  10. Gallivant Around The Galaxy
  11. Playin' the Field
  13. Detour the Great Journey
  14. Adjudicate the Arbiter
  15. Audiophile
  16. Wraith Killer
  17. Super Sleuth
  18. Campaign Complete: Legendary (Halo 3: ODST achievement)
  19. Campaign Complete: Heroic (Halo 3: ODST achievement)
  20. Campaign Complete: Normal (Halo 3: ODST achievement)
  21. An Honor Serving
  22. The Soldier We Needed You To Be
  23. Folks Need Heroes...
  24. The Start of Something
  25. Gods Must Be Strong
  26. A Monument to All Your Sins
  27. Bro Hammer
  28. Brovershield
  29. Standard Operating Brocedure
  30. Living Legend
  31. Believe in a Hero
  32. Birth of a Spartan