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This article is about the Halo Waypoint Award. For other uses, see Warrior.
Warrior tier 6.png

Warrior is a career award found on the Xbox 360 version of Halo Waypoint.[1] It is represented by the image of a star imposed on a small medallion on a larger circular medal with a red, white and blue ribbon. The award consists of 31 Medals-based achievements. These achievements are organized into six tiers.


  1. Save This Film
  2. Have Fun Respawning
  3. Killtacular
  4. Awww, Too Bad
  5. ... Get the Horns
  6. Post Mortem
  7. Blades of Fury
  8. Pull!
  9. Look Both Ways
  10. Steppin' Razor
  11. Killing Frenzy
  12. Lee R Wilson Memorial
  13. Overkill
  14. Triple Kill
  15. Two for One
  16. Own Worst Enemy
  17. Wall of Recognition
  18. Momma's Boy
  19. Game, Set, Match
  20. Crowd Control
  21. Yes, Sensei
  22. Skunked!
  23. What's a Killing Spree?
  24. Tsantsa
  25. Never Tell Me the Odds
  26. Leave It Where It Lay
  27. Speed Reader
  28. Breaking Quarantine
  29. Grenadier
  30. Walk it Off
  31. He's Unstoppable!