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Concerning your edits[edit]

Please use the Minor Edit button if you make more than 3 edits on the same page, thank you. Spirit of Fire 20:38, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Better limit your edits to a minimum of 3... administration here are tough when it comes to multiple edits...--4scen 06:56, 20 July 2009 (UTC)


Please, stop adding in that the CMA started it in 2491. That was ONI. The CMA did their own project in 2321, according to the Halo Encyclopedia, pages 80/81. -- Sergeant Major Avery JohnsonChatter 05:21, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Yes and no. I've just realized that unfortunately the Halo Encyclopedia includes contradictory information on the subject. As you write, it states that on page 80-81, that the CMA launched it in 2321 and ONI in 2491. BUT, pages 44-45 and 67 say the exact opposite. They state that the project was launched in 2321 by ONI and resurrected in 2491 by the CMA before being absorbed back into ONI after Operation: CHARLEMAGNE. I assume you have a copy, and I urge you to double check my findings.-- Rusty - UserWiki:Rusty-112| 112 ]] 05:29, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Battle of Skopje[edit]

Im not gonna get into an edit war.

--CookieMonstersayshello 07:16, 18 April 2011 (EDT)

Allow me to explain to you how medals work in the US Armed Forces...[edit]

Here is the official list of them for your viewing pleasure: List of Active US medals and ribbons

As you can clearly see in the above list, due to the current status and existence of branches within the UNSC such as the UNSC Army and UNSC Marine Corps, it is impossible for John-117 to have accumulated every single medal in the UNSC, since the UNSC has medals based off of the US Armed Forces' existing Awards and Decorations, and the US Armed Forces has medals such as Army Commendation Medal which is only awarded to soldiers in the Army. So, explain to me this, unless Master Chief is in the UNSC Army, how could he have obtained that medal? If you can't, then don't revert my edit.

--Kluutak 17:40, 30 January 2012 (EST)

The original source said UNSC. So therefore we go with the source unless stated otherwise by an official Halo source.--Spartacus TalkContribs
I don't doubt that is how US military decorations work. However thus far in the Halo universe no medals or awards have been explicitly mentioned which are branch-specific. Even though the awards are based on the current US model, we do not assume that every medal and award carried over to the UNSC - only those which have been specifically mentioned. Thus unless specifically stated otherwise, we go with the entire UNSC.-- Rusty - 112 18:43, 30 January 2012 (EST)
And what about this one? I am just using this as an example to show you that Bungie based the medal accumulation system directly off of one used by the US Military, meaning, it is impossible for him to have accumulated every medal and commendation. --Kluutak 09:50, 31 January 2012 (EST)
The Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon, Navy "E" Ribbon, Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Non-Commissioned Officer Development Ribbon and Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon have not actually ever been explicitly mentioned. Their existence in the Halo universe is based on conjecture, and comes from the ribbons worn on the uniforms of Jacob Keyes and Terrence Hood - we do not know for sure that these ribbons actually represent the same medals in the UNSC as they do in the present-day USA. It's also very possible that Bungie simply stuck them on there as place-fillers.-- Rusty - 112 10:52, 31 January 2012 (EST)
What if, the UNSC didn't based all of their decorations off the US Military? , Kluutak, you are automatically assuming that the UNSC is using all of the decorations from the US military. Just because a few of them are the same, doesn't mean all of them are the same. It's like thinking that 343i will remake every Halo: CE multiplayer map just because they remade Hang 'Em High, Damnation, and Prisoner. Unless you have an official source saying that all UNSC decorations are from the current US military, keep the page as it is. —S331 File:Bubbleshieldhud.svg|14 (COMMission LogProfile) 11:04, 31 January 2012 (EST)

Waypoint Awards[edit]

Hey Rusty, I've created a template for the Halo Waypoint Awards. Just add Waypoint Awards}} to the article.


-- Col. Spartacus Talk Page Contributions Contact 23:05, 2 April 2012 (EDT)

Thanks a bunch.-- Rusty - 112 23:06, 2 April 2012 (EDT)

Filename should be simple[edit]

Per above... just keep it under a generic title. Don't need it to be too detail. We have the Information template to do that. That being said, don't move/rename the filename... It creates a mess in the double redirect page. — subtank 19:07, 25 May 2012 (EDT)

Hey Subtank - yeah that was my bad on the redirects. I wasn't paying attention and ended up moving the wrong file. As for the filename, those were actually created by Grizzlei, who renamed the images after I uploaded them.-- Rusty - 112 19:10, 25 May 2012 (EDT)


CSG Invite

Hope you can join us!--Spartacus TalkContribs 22:10, 23 October 2012 (EDT)

Community Update[edit]

Thank-you for your interest in Community Social Gaming! We've posted an update on our Halopedia:Community Social Gaming|main page]] under "Community Updates". Right now, we're working on a template that we can use in order to avoid sending repetitive messages to your in-box or talk-page. Once it is complete, you can post the template on your user page and see our updates/community messages immediately every time we update them. You will also see the same template under our Community Updates, so no worries if you prefer not to have the template displayed on your profile. Cheers! -Killjax

CSG info[edit]

CSG Welcome

--Spartacus 22:51, 1 November 2012 (EDT)

Halo 4 multiplayer medals[edit]

Wouldn't it be better to compile all of them into a list rather than giving each their own article? Unless they can be expanded upon, that is, like how we did with the Beat Down article. — subtank 00:01, 13 January 2013 (EST)

I would have to disagree. We've given every medal its own page going back to Halo 2. Every weapon spree and gametype medal in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach got its own page. Creating pages for the new medals not only creates consistency, it makes it easier for newer users to expand the articles with their own trivia and tips. Just because these pages are rather brief when first created, doesn't mean they'll stay that way. That being said, if you like, I'll stop creating more pages while we discuss this.-- Rusty - 112 00:48, 13 January 2013 (EST)
Oh, should've amended that title to cover the previous titles. D'oh! Anyway, I am not against creation of new articles. What I meant is making full use of an available list such as the List of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST Medals, List of Halo: Reach Medals and List of Halo 4 Medals. Once in a list, a user should then consider if s/he should create a link (and create a new article) when s/he sees a potential growth in that article. This approach reduces information redundancy (in the event that years after, there's no growth for an article and all that remain are two sentences) and promotes consistency.
On top of that, tips to achieve said medal can (and should) be added to the trigger article (eg. put the tips for Fuel Rod Gun Kill medal in the Fuel Rod Gun article rather than on the Fuel Rod Gun Kill medal article).— subtank 01:16, 13 January 2013 (EST)

The Fall of Reach[edit]

Not sure if you know, but this page was made a while ago documenting all the changes in the Fall of Reach adaptations. I think it might be better to have the animated series's differences there as opposed to both there and the inconsistencies page. What do you think? Tuckerscreator(stalk) 22:03, 26 October 2015 (EDT)

I'm aware; this felt different, because it wasn't merely a change or a different adaptation of the original source material; saying that some of the Spartans died prior to the augmentations is inconsistent with every other piece of canon that's ever talked about the program, not just the other Fall of Reach adaptations. To me this wasn't a change resulting from the a change in medium; this was a mistake or a retcon, plain and simple.-- Rusty-112 Admin comm 22:14, 26 October 2015 (EDT)

Infoboxes for countries[edit]

I was planning on updating all the severely lacking pages concerning the disparate nations of Earth that we have information about. We supply infoboxes for things like the UNSC, the CAA, and the UN underneath the banner of the UEG, so why not have infoboxes for individual nations as well? The Gao Republic has an infobox, and it is technically under the authority of the UEG as well. -Japeth555