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Perfect for quotes and stuff. Epic win ahead.

"I swear every time I come on here my IQ decreases" - Churchreborn

"Chewbacca_360: For an object with no air resistance the air resistance is 9 meters per second per second?" - GPT

"a deagle srsly sounds like a cross with a dachund and a beagle tho" - Churchreborn

"Swearing expands the vocabulary.I'm all for education." - Kilo-Three-Zero

"Blemo starts grabbing his head and starts getting crazy and knocks everything over in the room, as he swings his head in crazy and circular motion, destroying lamps, obliterating cars, and demolishing his house. He then runs into the wall and starts grabbing his machine guns and shoots up the place. After three hours of non-stop, hearty mayhem, he falls and spontaneously combusts, splattering guts in all direction" - Blemo

"BTW, my neighborhood's pretty nice. Ever since the gangsters started using silencers, it's been much more quieter nowadays." - Blemo

"Caps, and what superior knowledge?" - Blemo

"goodbye blemo hello sexy" - Chewbacha_360

"I'll light a fire in your hole." - Mr_Hammer

"Blemo|Away r away. Plz talk 2 local 'add-men-ni-stray-tor'." - Blemo

"I refuse to scream, because, you see, only Ladies scream, and that right is reserved for you, Halopediaman." - Mr_Hammer

"How come I don't get a quote?" - Halopediaman

"You also like hairy butts, seeing as you're a Wookiee..." - Mjl91

"* Tom_Porowski strangles Pinky with kindness" - Halopediaman

"And once again, if my opinion is fact, and your opinion is merely opinion, mine outweighs the importance and therefor suggests that my opinion that is based on fact is always right." - Mr_Hammer

"Dang it!" - Halopediaman

"As much as we like to kick JWR, it's wrong ;)" - HaloDude

"oh shut up, and I'm socrch933, whos this scorch persion" - scorch933

"The internet was so bad long ago it took Jesus 3 days to respawn XD" - ODST_Joshie

Phail Intuition

<Glaug-Eldare> don't kill children don't run em over
<Glaug-Eldare> man this one intersection in baltimore pisses me way off
<k4karnage> Ah, dun wrry; they'll respawn in 5 seconds.
<Glaug-Eldare> it's on my way out of downtown getting back onto I-95, and apparently the traffic signals are simultaneously telling me to go, and telling the pedestrians to walk in front of me
<Glaug-Eldare> that or baltimoreans are even more crack-addled than I previously thought
<k4karnage> Pedestrian phail
<Glaug-Eldare> stop saying phail
<k4karnage> O_O
<k4karnage> He said that JUST as I hit Enter.
<k4karnage> NOFUXINGWAI
<Glaug-Eldare> B-)
<Glaug-Eldare> it's my talent
<k4karnage> zomg Awesome talent.
<Glaug-Eldare> thx

World War III Redux

  • Halopediaman drops Iowa from the USA and fuses it with Minnesota, as well as Wisconsin and the Dakota's

<Halopediaman> All bow before Super Minnesota!
<Halopediaman> Combining Wheat, Dairy, Lumber, National Monuments, and...What ever it is North Dakota has!

  • k4karnage fuses Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Idaho to California and makes Baja California a protectorate of the new People's Federalist Republic Of California.

<k4karnage> Boo-yeah.

  • k4karnage watches as the PFRC utterly destroys NM.

<Halopediaman> With our products and whatever it is you will provide, we will be unstopable!
<k4karnage> Too late.
<Halopediaman> But then theres those other states >_>
<k4karnage> The PFRC has split from the US and become the New Federalism Nation. All your mexicans are belong to us. :)
<Halopediaman> Super Minnesota also splits from the US, taking its main dairy and wheat suppliers, destroying the US's economy.
<k4karnage> Poor US. No more West Coast, Mexicans, Dairy and wheat.
<k4karnage> They're really fucked now.
<Halopediaman> Super Minnesota then takes in those other states it didn't like near by
<Halopediaman> So, no N or S Dakota, no Minnesota, no Iowa or Wisconsin. No Nebraska, no Kansas, no Montana, and no Illionois. >:]

  • k4karnage declares Colton, the 17th District of the California Province as the Nation captial of the NFN.

<k4karnage> NFN also snatches up Colorado and Wyoming.
<k4karnage> Plus the majority of Texas. yeaaaaaaaaaaah boi.
<k4karnage> Oklahoma is declared the Second Protectoate of the NFN.
<Halopediaman> SM takes Indiana and Ohio, and both parts of Michagen(Spelling) and declars St. Paul its national capital.
<k4karnage> NFN makes an alliance with Canada and sweeps Alaska into it's power grouping.
<k4karnage> If SM makes any hostile moves towards Canada or the NFN, then the other will declare war and assist the other.
<Halopediaman> SM takes the New England States.
<Halopediaman> So, you get the South and West, I get the North and East and everything works out in the end.
<k4karnage> NFN secretly engineers a coup in Mexico, allowing the new government to form another alliance with the NFN. the majority of Middle America follows their lead.
<Halopediaman> SM wheels and deals with Eurpean counties, most ally with SM

  • k4karnage extends a opportunity for a Non-Agression Pact between SM and the NFN, in the wake of rising South American revolts

<Halopediaman> SM accepts, and also accepts Australia into its alliance.
<k4karnage> Brazillian terrorists attack China, which calls on the slowly dwindling USA for assistance. Unable to render assistance, due to an economic collapse, the NFN sends supplies and gains Chian's trust. NFN furthers the bond of toleration between Taiwan and China as a result in further negotiations
<k4karnage> Russian federation declares war on USA after discovering several black ops teams attempting to overthrow the Russian government, in an attempt to divert their country's output to rebuild the failing USA.
<Halopediaman> SM proposes an invasion of Russia with the NFN incase Russia tuns on them.
<k4karnage> NFN agrees, tenativly opens talks with SM about possible alliance.
<Halopediaman> SM agrees, and the alliance is made
<k4karnage> Russia launches assault on US, invades NFN, Canada and SM.
<k4karnage> NFN declares war
<Halopediaman> SM declares war and sends a massive armed force
<k4karnage> NFN, Canadian Armies mobilise, reinforce SM's Armed Forces
<Halopediaman> Most Eurpean countries do as well.
<k4karnage> USA's territories are officialy claimed as annexed by RF. NFN, SM easily drive out Russian forces, although they do not claim the territory yet.
<k4karnage> Nuclear weapons launched from RF, decimates majority of Canada.
<Halopediaman> SM goes on full nuclear alert, ready to launch. They also set up bunkers all over SM.
<k4karnage> NFN gives RF one weeks to surrender or nukes from NFN, SM and all allied nations will drop over RF.
<Halopediaman> SM tests new nuclear weapons, creating a new weapon that releases 20% of its energy unlike current ones at the time that only released 7%.
<k4karnage> RF refuses to stand down. Draws back all of its forces to "The Motherland".
<k4karnage> NFN puts down Brazillian rebellions
<Halopediaman> SM asks for permission of ally nations to launch its new nuclear weapons.
<k4karnage> NFN, China, Canada and Middle American countryies give their go-ahead
<Halopediaman> One nuclear missile detroys much of RF.
<Halopediaman> SM also gives one of the new nuclear missiles to NFN.
<k4karnage> NFN gives SM a Beta-test prototype of it's new superluminal COM networks, Project: RINGBACK
<Halopediaman> SM's capital is moved from St. Paul to Minneapolis.

      • k4karnage left #Halopedia

<Halopediaman> That was fun


      • Spartan6 [] has joined #Halopedia

<PumasAreReal> Hllo.
<PumasAreReal> *hello
<k4karnage> Hey, where's Spartan7?
<Spartan6> hi
<k4karnage> Oh, wait, that's right 6 is afraid of 7.
<k4karnage> Why>?
<Spartan6> I will take it the fighting has calmed down?
<k4karnage> Cause 7 8 9!
<PumasAreReal> 789.
<Jubinator> 789
<k4karnage> !!!

  • PumasAreReal sighs.

<PumasAreReal> OLD joke....
<k4karnage> I'm sorry, i couldn't resist
<Spartan6> Ok that is old
<k4karnage> Sorry if i offenced you Spartan6.
<k4karnage> *offenced
<k4karnage> DAMN!
<k4karnage> *offended.
<PumasAreReal> Hee hee.
<k4karnage> TYG

  • k4karnage curses QWERTY keyboard

<PumasAreReal> Should switch to DVORAK.
<k4karnage> Nah, ABCDEF is better.
<PumasAreReal> I'm gonna try and get one of those someday...
<k4karnage> I have one in mah closet
<PumasAreReal> What, DVORAK?
<k4karnage> Mwahahahahaha.
<k4karnage> No, ABCDEF
<PumasAreReal> Oh...
<Jubinator> AZERTY
<Jubinator> Get that
<PumasAreReal> Never heard of AZERTY....
<k4karnage> What about INEEDANEWKEYBOARD?
<Jubinator> Ya
<Jubinator> that one is good I hear
<PumasAreReal> Indeed.
<k4karnage> yeah.

A Nice Cup of STFU!

<Pryo_Zarkum> Lets all share a jug of STFU
<Delta-269> Pryo_Zarkum, since everyone's arguing pisses me off, which is most of the time nowadays :)
<fonebone> okay now i'm done
<Pryo_Zarkum> oh
<Pryo_Zarkum> Your welcome!
<MJL91> Pryo, can I have a glass?
<fonebone> i want a gallon
<Pryo_Zarkum> ya
<MJL91> Tanks

  • Pryo_Zarkum pours MJL91 a glass of STFU

<fonebone> what's 3+2

  • Pryo_Zarkum gives fonebone a gallon of STFU
  • MJL91 drinks.

When Superheros Collide

<Phil_E> you know what i thought once
<Phil_E> what if the DC comics and marvel universes mixed
<RyanTheGreat> Oh
<Phil_E> and spider man and batman ended up in the same city
<RyanTheGreat> not what i thought you thought
<Phil_E> and they were swinging around
<Phil_E> and crashed
<RyanTheGreat> haha
<K30> XD

Pr0n Music?!

<Jubinator> One of my friends said that Halo CE music sounds like pr0n musik
<ARC-Commander> o_O
<RaZoRKillEr117> 0_0
<SPARTAN-984> O.o
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD
<RaZoRKillEr117> 6_6
*** Blemo|Away left #halopedia ["If anyone needs me, I'll on XBL or playing interactive scrabble."]
<Gunner> 0_0
<SPARTAN-984> What.... the... f*ck? YOU SCARED AWAY BLEMO
<Gunner> Halo music not sound like pr0n music
<ARC-Commander> everyone's like "wtf?" and K30's like "dude, thats hilarious"
*** Christine|afk is now known as ChristineV
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD XD
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Yes, it is.

McROFLnuggets Vs. ROFLChicken Fries

<Elite_007> I want a McROFLmuffin
<Elite_007> howz bout you?
<Tom_Porowski> I forgot why...
<Tom_Porowski> 0_o
<k4karnage> I want a some ROFLChicken Fries.
<RaZoRKillEr117> lol
<Elite_007> that's BK not McDonalds!
<Tom_Porowski> McyD's
<Elite_007> but there is Roflnuggets
<Elite_007> do you wamtz those?
<RaZoRKillEr117> me yes!
<k4karnage> I go to the BK Lounge, not McGreasys.
<Elite_007> lol
<k4karnage> Thnak you to those who got that.
<k4karnage> *thank
<Tom_Porowski> Dab=ne Cook
<k4karnage> XD
<Elite_007> McRoflshake?
<Tom_Porowski> Dane*
<Tom_Porowski> Dang it!
<k4karnage> XD XD


<Tom_Porowski> Do you know whats hard to do?
<k4karnage> What?
<Elite_007> yea Mcmuffin.
<Tom_Porowski> Try to imagen what another color would look loke.
<Tom_Porowski> I cant spell!
<Tom_Porowski> like*
<k4karnage> XD
<Tom_Porowski> imagen I spelt imagen right.

      • SPARTAN-984 [] has quit ["Remember Jubinator..... <death>"]

<Jubinator> Why me?!
<k4karnage> Tom_Porowski: Imagine.
<Tom_Porowski> Shhh
<k4karnage> Jubinator: Wha?
<Elite_007> sigh
<Tom_Porowski> I said imagen I spelt that right.
<k4karnage> lolz
<Tom_Porowski> Can you do it?
<Tom_Porowski> It hurts my head when I try.
<k4karnage> XD.

  • k4karnage tries to "imagen" it.

<Tom_Porowski> Well, anyone pull it off?
<Elite_007> imagins?
<k4karnage> Nope. Can't do it.
<Tom_Porowski> CR?
<Elite_007> i/ma/ganes?
<Elite_007> ahhh. Hurts!
<Churchreborn> what?
<Elite_007> [runs frantically around grasping head]
<Tom_Porowski> Try to imagine what another color would look like.
<Churchreborn> Can't =P
<Elite_007> co[strugles] koler?
<Churchreborn> It's like trying to describe a colour to a blind person

Damn It!

  • GPT instills a new damn policy... say damn as much as you can.

<GPT> Damn it.
<CommanderTony> Oh, the Jack Bauer method.
<CommanderTony> DAMNIT
<CommanderTony> DAMNIT Church, where mah files.
<Xenos> Damn... I like that damn policy, damn.
<Churchreborn> wat
<K4|Bnet> Damn thats nice.
<Churchreborn> Oh shizno
<CommanderTony> Damn, I love my god damn fried chicken thats so damn delicious when I eat it at a damn dam in god damn them Nevada. God damn its good.
<Xenos> Damn
<Churchreborn> bf as the desktop background = pissed off/hyper-active/non-stop question asking dad... xD
<Xenos> XD
<K4|Bnet> XD
<Halopediaman> XD
<CommanderTony> Churchreborn, does your boyfriend know that you're having an affair with someone over the internet that lives in Britain?
<Churchreborn> ...
<Halopediaman> Aww, forth,my worst yet
<K4|Bnet> XD
<Xenos> XD
<Xenos> Damn it.
<Halopediaman> XD
<Halopediaman> Third!
<K4|Bnet> Damn it HPM
<Churchreborn> Well, damn, then that means the thing I sent all the way to England was rather pointless
<Churchreborn> Damnit
<Halopediaman> 0_0 What did I do?
<K4|Bnet> You damned my XD's dammit.

      • Asininity [n=476bfc7f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Churchreborn> Go damn your damn XD's your damn self damnit
<Churchreborn> >:[
<Halopediaman> Damn it!
<K4|Bnet> Damn it CR i dont damnit need you damn opinion dammit.
<Xenos> Damn...
<Halopediaman> Not Dang it mind you.
<Halopediaman> Oh hi
<Churchreborn> The damnit after CR made it makes no sense >_>
<CommanderTony> Damnit, i'm sick and damn tired of these damn moles stealing my damn cherries in my god damn yard outside my damn house about thirty years from the damn fence and that damned road.
<CommanderTony> DAMNIT
<K4|Bnet> I know dammit,.
<Xenos> DAMN>
<CommanderTony> DAMN STRAIGHT
<K4|Bnet> DAMN!
<K4|Bnet> Okay, cpas ppl.
<K4|Bnet> *caps
<Xenos> CommanderTony: DAMN RIGHT.
<CommanderTony> [[File:CAPS LOCK.PNG]

      • Mjl91 [n=caa83a7e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<GPT> K4|Bnet: What about them?
<Asininity> Damn
<Mjl91> Oh, hi.
<Churchreborn> ... O_o
<ONIrecon111> hi
<GPT> NO!!!
<Halopediaman> Damn it!
<Mjl91> CommanderTony, you still here?
<Asininity> o_o
<GPT> I refuse to damn the damn caps, damn it! Shut the damn up!
<Mjl91> Hi ONIrecon111.
<Xenos> DAMN>
<CommanderTony> DAMN THE WATER
<K4|Bnet> Damn it GPT, the damn Caps lock needs to be damned damned, dammit!
<Halopediaman> Another boom! Damn it!
<Asininity> Holy crap.
<Mjl91> Tony, it must be pretty late in the States. What time is it there?
<CommanderTony> 22:41 Hours
<Xenos> XD
<Mjl91> Oh, not too late.
<CommanderTony> Damn right
<GPT> CommanderTony: 2241 hours or 22:41; you can't combine them. :P
<K4|Bnet> Damn, it's not too late, dammit.
<Halopediaman> XD
<Mjl91> :(

      • Chewbacca_360 [i=cf412943@gateway/web/ajax/] has quit
        [" ajax IRC Client"]

<CommanderTony> GPT: I hate you so damn much before you correct me all the damn time you damn worthless piece of damn.
<Mjl91> Bye Chewie.
<Xenos> DAMN>
<Churchreborn> Tuesday night... Tv fails >_>
<GPT> Damn mother damning right.
<Churchreborn> Damnit
<Mjl91> GPT, don't listen to him, his opinion is worth zilch.

      • CommanderTony is now known as Damn
  • K4|Bnet damned the damn dammit.

<Damn> Mjl91: Shut the hell up.
<GPT> Damn it, Mjl91! How many damn times do I have to tell you, damn it!?
<Mjl91> Damn you!
<Xenos> DAMN>
<Churchreborn> Ahaha. My dad actually wants to buy Mercenaries 2
<Damn> Damn him

      • Damn is now known as Guest53848

<Churchreborn> Is that even out yet? >_>
<Guest53848> Damn his money
<K4|Bnet> Damn it Mjl91! You damn ammed it up, dammit!

      • Guest53848 is now known as CommanderTony

<Mjl91> Damn, you don't have opinion anyway.
<Mjl91> Damnit!
<Halopediaman> Super Damn it! Its kids with fireworks!
<CommanderTony> Churchreborn, proceed with the ban.
<K4|Bnet> Dammit!
<Churchreborn> Kayz

      • mode/#halopedia [+o Churchreborn] by ChanServ

<Asininity> Who's being banned by the damn-hammer?
<CommanderTony> Alright, I think that's enough "DAMN" for tonight


<Halopediaman> new topic... Shadowpuppets?
<Xenos> Huh?

      • Chewbacca_360 [i=cf412943@gateway/web/ajax/] has joined #halopedia

<Halopediaman> We needed a new topic, I think the new one should be about shadowpuppets.
<Halopediaman> hi

      • mode/#halopedia [+o Churchreborn] by ChanServ

<Chewbacca_360> hello
<Xenos> Uh, that's what I was "huh"ing about, Shadowpuppets are?

      • mode/#halopedia [+b *!?=79d24495@*] by Churchreborn
      • mode/#halopedia [-o Churchreborn] by Churchreborn

<Xenos> I wonder...
<Halopediaman> You use your hands to make shapes of things on a wall using light to create a shadow that is a puppet.
<Halopediaman> Its simple.
<Xenos> Uh...huh...
<Churchreborn> No wai, I never knew :O
<Mr_Hammer|iWin> I will give five dollars to the person who makes a Master Chief shadow puppet.

  • Churchreborn must test this new theory

<Halopediaman> Elementry
<Halopediaman> I did, pay up.

Mah Old Banhammer

<CommanderTony> Pfff, my Banhammer is a older model.
<CommanderTony> I should upgrade.
<GPT> I don't use hammers... I push the nails in with my BARE HANDS.

A Double Kill...but Better.

<Mr_Hammer> I win again.
<Mr_Hammer> Twice.
<Mr_Hammer> In a row.
<Mr_Hammer> That's like a double kill but better.


<Mr_Hammer> You screamed first, realized what I said was true, then yelled.
<Mr_Hammer> That's like taking down their shields but when you go for the beat down, they hit you first.


<Mr_Hammer> And once again, if my opinion is fact, and your opinion is merely opinion, mine outweighs the importance and therefor suggests that my opinion that is based on fact is always right.
<Tom_Porowski> Dang it!
<Mr_Hammer> I win again.
<Mr_Hammer> Triple kill!

Still later...

<Tom_Porowski> I end your spree with this!
<Mr_Hammer> With what?
<Mr_Hammer> I see nothing.
<Tom_Porowski> I dont know what this is yet.
<Mr_Hammer> Wow...
<Mr_Hammer> A screw compared to my Hammer.
<Mr_Hammer> Overkill!

It's a Conspiracy..Again!

<Blemo> brb.
<Blemo> I have to go microwave my ice cream.

      • Blemo is now known as Blemo|Away

<k4karnage> XD
<Blemo|Away> Seriously, it's easier to scoop. xD
<Xenos> I resent that.
<GPT> Blemo|Away, have you ever considered restorative surgery?
<k4karnage> But you have Halopediaman's Man-card. You can just use that.
<Mjl91> What's a man card?
<k4karnage> A card proving your a man.
<Blemo|Away> Mjl91: A card to prove that you're a man.
<Xenos> Anyways, Hallo all.
<k4karnage> Halopediaman no longer has his.'
<k4karnage> hello.

  • GPT points to Scrubs, the original source of Man cards.

<Blemo|Away> k4karnage: No, but Halopediaman's man-card is made of pudding, rather than the standard-issue plastic.
<k4karnage> XD
<Mjl91> In that case, Halopediaman should have a woman card!
<Tom_Porowski> Bit me
<Blemo> xD
<GPT> Mjl91: You're a woman if you don't have any Man cards.
<Blemo> Tom_Porowski: I kinda can't... :P
<Blemo> GPT ate it. :P
<k4karnage> XD
<GPT> No, I didn't.
<Blemo> It's a conspiracy.
<Blemo> I ate it.
<k4karnage> We're all living in Japan.
<k4karnage> We just don't know it yet.

  • Blemo high-fives k4... </inside joke>

<Tom_Porowski> Oh wait, I have a spare...

  • k4karnage high fives back

<Mjl91> Hi Hawko!
<Blemo> The government won't tell us that, because they're planning on nuking the U.S., the Pacific, and the moon.
<Mjl91> Tom, just make another man card you idiot!
<Blemo> btw, I really want to see an atomic explosion on the moon.
<Tom_Porowski> I have a spare.
<Blemo> How would that be like?
<Blemo> Tom_Porowski is to spare mancard, as Bush is to spare nuke in his backyard.
<Mjl91> It would stop tidal waves :)
<Xenos> Oh yes, the Moon...
<k4karnage> Imagine Hiroshima/Nagasaki from a million miles away. = Nuclear detonation on moon.
<k4karnage> Or cloes enough
<Blemo> It's a million miles away?
<k4karnage> i dunno, i guessed.
<Blemo> :P
<Blemo> It's another conspiracy.
<Xenos> Of course...
<k4karnage> I never [paid attention to the Solar system unit in science. We got rid of Pluto as a planet for cryin out lod.
<Blemo> In my world, everything revolves around conspiracies.
<k4karnage> Who'd miss the Moon?
<Blemo> Teacher: "Okay, class. I'm giving out homework, so--"
<Blemo> Blemo: "CONSPIRACY!"
<GPT> ...
<GPT> I've got to try that some time.
<k4karnage> XD
<Mjl91> Blemo: LOL
<Blemo> Hotdog Vendor: "That'll be $9.31, sir."
<Mjl91> LOLY
<Blemo> Blemo: "Ha... no it isn't."
<Mjl91> What?
<Xenos> XD
<Blemo> Friend: "My birthday's on the 11th of August."
<Blemo> Blemo: "No, it isn't..."
<Blemo> Comedian: "Anyway, I was walking down from Target, and--"
<Blemo> Blemo: "DOUBT IT!"
<Blemo> and etc.
<Blemo> :P
<Mjl91> In my world, everything revolves around conspiracies.


<k4karnage> XD
<Halopediaman> XD
<Halopediaman> aww, second
<k4karnage> XD
<Halopediaman> Xd
<Halopediaman> Dang it!
<k4karnage> ...
<Mjl91> uh...XF?
<Halopediaman> XD


  • Blemo slams Mr_Hammer's head on something... something important...

<Mr_Hammer> My Man-Shield will protect me!
<k4karnage> XD
<k4karnage> XD XD XD

  • Blemo takes his man-shielf.

<Blemo> *shielf
<Blemo> *shielf
<Blemo> DAMN IYT
<Mr_Hammer> FAIL!
<Blemo> *IT
<Mr_Hammer> I win.
<k4karnage> XD XD XD XD
<Mjl91> You fool! :)
<Blemo> *Lady-shield.
<Halopediaman> My man... um... fist will... never mind...

Cold Stones

<Blemo> Mr_Hammer: I went to Cold Stone the other day, and guess what?
<Halopediaman> Oh I forgot that I asked a question
<Blemo> I got ice cream!
<k4karnage> XD XD XD
<Blemo> wth?!?!?

That's a...Wierd...

<President_Chewie> i guessing she has something to do with halo
<Nori-Kun> No she's my mom
<k4karnage> O_o
<Nori-Kun> ;)
<President_Chewie> are you sure?
<Nori-Kun> No I'm never sure
<k4karnage> He had an HTML test, to be sure.
<President_Chewie> you are the weakest link goodbye
<Nori-Kun> Lulz
<Nori-Kun> i r b teh sex
<Nori-Kun> : D
<Mr_Hammer> Negative.
<Mr_Hammer> IR readings indicate a mass amount of failure in Nori-Kuns location.

That's a Given.

<Mr_Hammer> We're discussing what Cortana would be if Master Chief was god.
<President_Chewie> sexy?
<Nori-Kun> I sware she's the mentally retarded 3rd cousin of Master Chier.
<Nori-Kun> chief*
<Mr_Hammer> Well that's a given, Chewie.

That's a Religon...

<Nori-Kun> I think master chief is god
<Nori-Kun> Period
<k4karnage> Then is Cortana Jesus?
<Mr_Hammer> No.
<Mr_Hammer> That'd be weird.

Assasination of President Chewie

  • Halopediaman shoots the president at point blank range in the head

<President_Chewie> do what?
<President_Chewie> ha ha ha
<General_Blemo> Halopediaman: You missed.
<k4karnage> XD
<Halopediaman> <_<

Hee Hee Hee....

<MrHammer> But he's K4.
<MrHammer> And scary.

Under Construction...

<Blemo|Away> Sorry, our eightball bot is under construction.
<Chewbacca_360> darn
<Halopediaman> Pinky?
<Blemo|Away> All if kept saying was, "In your dreams, Motherfeathers."
<k4karnage> XD
<Chewbacca_360> motherfeathers?
<Halopediaman> XD
<Blemo|Away> Motherfeathers. xD

Why do they hate Blemo so?

<Blemo|Away> That is why I love #halopedia.
<Blemo|Away> People get to hate me!
<Blemo|Away> I feel so appreciated!

Blueies, how tasty!

<RaZoRKillEr117> FlowingSword:How are the brownies going?
<FlowingSword> They look yummy! XD
<Mjl91> Brown as usual.
<Mjl91> I hope!
<FlowingSword> They need a lot more time, though...
<FlowingSword> lol
<RaZoRKillEr117> rofl
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Mjl91: I've had blue brownies before, they were'nt half bad.
<Delta-269> O_O
<Delta-269> blue?
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Ya
<RaZoRKillEr117> BLUE??!!
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Food coloring FTW
<Churchreborn> Rofl
<Ajax_013> I've had space brownies before :D
<FlowingSword> Wait...what?
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Sweet.
<Mjl91> Then they were Blueies!
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD
<FlowingSword> Therefore, brownies are null and void!
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Ten minutres in and ialready have another IRC quote; XD
<RaZoRKillEr117> oooohhhhh
<FlowingSword> I've had a blondie before, and it's not that bad.
<Mjl91> Haha! The Ex Maker

<Blemo> Halopediaman:
<Blemo> FInd his address.
<Blemo> XD
<Kilo-Three-Zero> lolz
<Blemo> You can even try
<Blemo> I found my gf's address with that. xD
<Blemo> She got so freaked out when I called her.
<Halopediaman> her?
<Blemo> Wait...
<Blemo> I didn't call her.
<Blemo> Oh wait.
<Blemo> I remember!
<Blemo> I dropkicked her door down.
<Chewbacca_360> no you don't
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD

A Turn of Events

<Chewbacca_360> how did i start out in here?
<Kilo-Three-Zero> ..
<Blemo> Chewbacca_360: The day after your Red Bull idea.
<Blemo> You just randomly joined.
<Blemo> You're the first Wookieepedian I met on the IRC.
<Blemo> first (friendly) Wookieepedian
<Chewbacca_360> oh i'm friendly now am i
<Chewbacca_360> ?
<Halopediaman> I'm 50 50
<Kilo-Three-Zero> You were fighting during the Battle of (insert Wookiee homeworld name here) wneh suddenly a Slipspace portal opened and sucked you in, when you landed in #halopedia, you asked for assistance, but were pummled by a group of SPARTAN-IIs. They threw you in a dumpster, but a rouge group of Ewoks, Rebels and SithLords found you and rehibiliated you. When you were in better health, you vowed to launch an attack ion those responsible for your downfall, and return to your universe.
<Halopediaman> I'm going to regret that...
<Chewbacca_360> that was funny K
<Halopediaman> It made my head hurt
<Chewbacca_360> i liked it
<Kilo-Three-Zero> So far, your plan is not going well, as yopu must coverse with the same SPARTAN-IIs who beat you up to learn about Slipspace mechanics in order to get back.
<Chewbacca_360> i think i might act a little better in her now
<Blemo> Chewbacca_360: Bah... it's a conspiracy! In fact, the world is a conspiracy. For all we know, we could be living in Japan.
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD

My opinion is that yours is wrong.

<Halopediaman> you cant say my opinion is wrong.
<Kilo-Three-Zero> True!
<lordnikon> Halopediaman yes i can and yes it is :)
<Chewbacca_360> i could but that is my opinion that your opinion is wrong

That Mad, huh?

<Chewbacca_360> i know KillerCRS is an op
<Blemo|WiiFit> ONIrecon111: Did you see my link? It's me running WiiFit 2 minutes ago. xD
<Chewbacca_360> banned me for two days
<ONIrecon111> lol
<Chewbacca_360> mad me madder than a bullfrog with a firecracker stuck up his butt
<Chewbacca_360> *made
<Kilo-Three-Zero> O_o
<Chewbacca_360> yes that mad

Bar Fight!

  • Krypton hands Halopediaman a Budweiser

<Krypton> Enjoy..

  • Kilo-Three-Zero snatches the Bud and replaces it with a Corona
  • Halopediaman takes it and hits Kilo with it

<Kilo-Three-Zero> lolz, NRG shields ftw.
<Krypton> Hey...Corona is still good!
<Kilo-Three-Zero> It has to be, it's all we got here in Southern California/Mexico.

  • Krypton gives everyone else Mountain Ice
  • Kilo-Three-Zero murmers explatives and curses about illegal aliens.
  • CF001 drink
  • Kilo-Three-Zero drinks
  • Kilo-Three-Zero gets drunk
  • Kilo-Three-Zero asplodes
  • Krypton declairs a Bar Fight

<Kilo-Three-Zero> Quota filled!

  • Halopediaman punches CF
  • Kilo-Three-Zero decks Paradox
  • Krypton smacks Chewbacca
  • CF001 punch halopediaman

<CF001> dont touch my holy skin
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD

      • Halo_3 [n=chatzill@unaffiliated/halo3] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]"]
  • Halopediaman hits CF with a bar stool
  • Death_Rider kills Kilo-Three-Zero, Halopediaman, and CF001.
  • Krypton taks out a Desert Eagle and fires at CF001
  • Kilo-Three-Zero misses Pryo, hits Death_Rider
  • CF001 destriy rge bar and call the cops
  • Death_Rider pulls out a MG42
  • Death_Rider is immortal
  • Kilo-Three-Zero pulls out a BR55HB-SR
  • Death_Rider opens fire
  • Kilo-Three-Zero fires at everyone

<Kilo-Three-Zero> For SOME RANDOM THING!!!!!!

  • CF001 arm a nova bomb
  • Halopediaman hits the deck as the cops storm in
      • ChristineV [i=Christin@wikia/Clv309] has quit ["The dead might as well try to speak to the living as the old to the young. - Willa Cather"]
  • Kilo-Three-Zero punches the cops
      • ChristineV [] has joined #halopedia
  • Death_Rider opens fire on the cops
  • Kilo-Three-Zero is hit by Death_Rider, dies
  • CF001 call the Spartaaaaa!!!
      • Death_Rider is now known as God_of_War
  • Krypton groin kicks Halopediaman

<CF001> i

      • ChristineV [i=Christin@wikia/Clv309] has quit [Client Quit]

<CF001> I win

A Simple Question...

      • AdjutantCoroes [n=adjutant@] has joined #halopedia

<ZukaRasami> hi
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Where's that name come from?
<AdjutantCoroes> Tell me that again.
<ZukaRasami> where did you get that name?
<AdjutantCoroes> That is none of your concern.
<ZukaRasami> .....ok then
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Jeez. Just asking a simple Question dud, no need to get all hostile.
<ZukaRasami> yeah..on me :(
<AdjutantCoroes> I am not being "hostile".
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Your tone of voice comes through loud and clear that your hostile.
<Blemo> It's a Monitor-related name. Problem solved. Go back to talking about Reaper and Dr. Grim.
<Kilo-Three-Zero> ...Fine....
<ZukaRasami> and the Rock :)
<Blemo> The Rock is sexeh.
<Blemo> Did you see Get Smart?
<AdjutantCoroes> My tone of voice? That is how my settings are set.
<ZukaRasami> yes... and .no
<Blemo> ...
<Blemo> Right.
<Kilo-Three-Zero> I belive i just made a fool of myself on the Internet.....Again.
<ZukaRasami> XD
<ZukaAnthanee> Zuka.
<Blemo> Kilo-Three-Zero: Don't worry. You're not alone.
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Blemo: Thank you.
<Blemo> Well... maybe you're not alone, but don't worry. ;)
<Kilo-Three-Zero> XD
<AdjutantCoroes> Yes. You did make a fool of yourself. I am not afraid to speak out.

      • ZukaAnthanee [n=44081bc1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]

<Kilo-Three-Zero> that's fine. I speak out too. More often than i'd like, but that's what happens when you fingers go faster thanyou brian does.
<ZukaRasami> The rock pwns all
<Kilo-Three-Zero> God, i screwed up so much in that sentence right there.
<ZukaRasami> enough you two....
<Blemo> AdjutantCoroes, although there is no problem with speaking like that, if someone finds your comments offensive in any way, I will have to take action.
<Blemo> Just a heads-up.
<ZukaRasami> i'm the rocks biggest fan :)
<Blemo> Oh look, my girlfriend's on MySpace again. I should probably log off now. :P
<ZukaRasami> XD bye
<AdjutantCoroes> My "fingers" are not faster than my intellect.
<ZukaRasami> ....
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Well, mine are, and as such, my intellect seems slower than most.
<ZukaRasami> enough..
<Blemo> ZukaRasami: No, I meant MySpace. -_-
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Right sorry. Dr, Grim...
<ZukaRasami> oh XD
<AdjutantCoroes> I will not waste my time here.

      • AdjutantCoroes [n=adjutant@] has quit ["Java user signed off"]

<Kilo-Three-Zero> O_o
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Okay then...

I wish i could quit you, unilinky!

  • Kilo-Three-Zero wonders where unilinky is.

<ZukaRasami> i Don't have anger issues
<ZukaRasami> unilinky died

  • Kilo-Three-Zero gasps

<ZukaRasami> XD
<Kilo-Three-Zero> No more unilinky!!?!?
<ZukaRasami> nope
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
<ZukaRasami> watch
<ZukaRasami> [[Sangheili]]
<Kilo-Three-Zero> *gasp*
<ZukaRasami> see

      • NoComment [n=415ddc3b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]
  • Kilo-Three-Zero laments as to why his beloved unilinky has left him

<ZukaRasami> XD
<ZukaRasami> .........
<Kilo-Three-Zero> We had such good times together...
<ZukaRasami> .....
<ZukaRasami> its a bot...
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Not THAT kind of times...
<ZukaRasami> XD
<Kilo-Three-Zero> I used to totaly kick his ass in here.
<ZukaRasami> right.....
<Kilo-Three-Zero> *k4karnage smacks unilinky
<Kilo-Three-Zero> *k4karnage NOVA bombs unilinky

      • Halopediaman left #Halopedia ["Leaving"]

<ZukaRasami> the smack goes through him since he's a ghost
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Now i'll never have those times again!
<ZukaRasami> ...
<ZukaRasami> lol
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Wait, wah?
<Kilo-Three-Zero> It never hit him???
<ZukaRasami> nope he is a ghost

  • Kilo-Three-Zero is astonished

<ZukaRasami> lol
<Kilo-Three-Zero> <rant>You SOB unilinky, how come you never told me, you freak!!! How could you do such a thing?! You are a, you hear? I wish i could quit you!</rant>

  • ZukaRasami wonders why Tananao Ishida hates her
  • Kilo-Three-Zero wonders why unilinky hates him

<ZukaRasami> lol


*** TadanaoIshida [n=63832a98@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia
<ZukaRasami> :(
<TadanaoIshida> that was Rude
<ZukaRasami> lol

Nothing Happened.

Main article: Delta-269/IRC Quotes: /me Tenses
  • Kilo-Three-Zero tenses

<Tatal> watever
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Nothing happened.
<Delta-269> curses
<Tatal> òô

Who's on Who?

<Blemo|Away> wtf am I doing on MySpace?
<Pryo|H2> idk
<Delta-269> idk, my bff Jill?
<Fenrir_XIII> the question is
<Fenrir_XIII> wtf is myspace doing on you
<Fenrir_XIII> :P
<Kilo-Three-Zero> O_o
<Delta-269> WHO are you doing on MySpace
<Delta-269> :P
<Blemo|Away> ..


<S-118> SPARTAN-984: You know, I have a Friage named 'Standing on SPARTAN-984's Head' on Halo Fanon...
<S-118> *Frigate
<Kilo-Three-Zero> !?!?
<S-118> !!!
<SPARTAN-984> o.o
<S-118> o_o
<Kilo-Three-Zero> wait for it...
<SPARTAN-984> X.o
<Blemo|Away> Please tell me what Delta's saying.
<S-118> wAITING...
<Delta-269> Blemo|Away, wat?
<Fenrir_XIII> 'wait for it' 'wait for what, cancer?'
<Kilo-Three-Zero> Dang, i totally expected Blemo to go "..."
<Blemo|Away> Kilo-Three-Zero: xD


<Chewbacca_360> oh and onirecon
<Chewbacca_360> only part wookiee
<Chewbacca_360> i'm 360
<Chewbacca_360> not chewbacca
<Chewbacca_360> he's my cousin
<Chewbacca_360> aswell as bigfoot
<Blemo> ...
<Blemo> I'm Blemo.
<Blemo> Son of Flemo.
<k4karnage> TMI *sadface*
<Blemo> Father of Bleepo.
<Blemo> Spouse--- I mean... husband of Clemo.
<k4karnage> lolz
<k4karnage> I'm....
<JWR|Privateer> Clemo and Bleepo...
<k4karnage> Who am i again?
<JWR|Privateer> Aren't they in the hospital still?
<JWR|Privateer> Enlist in my army, we shall brand the Earth as my own!
<Blemo> k4... son of g4... father of q4... and the second-cousin-twiced-removed of...
<k4karnage> e=mc2
<Blemo> COrrection:
<Blemo> e=mc2 only on Tuesdays.
<k4karnage> XD
<ONIrecon111> it is tuesday
<Blemo> On Thursdays, e=mc3. ^_^
<k4karnage> I lol'd
<Chewbacca_360> 'tis tuesday
<Blemo> ...
<Blemo> Darn you, Asian/European countries!
<Blemo> Darn you all to heck!
<k4karnage> Thats an IRC Quote, right there.

He Left!?

  • k4karnage smacks unilinky
  • k4karnage smacks unilinky again
  • Whitehwk beats Unilinky
  • Whitehwk beats Unilinky
  • Whitehwk beats Unilinky
  • k4karnage repeatedly smacks unilinky
  • k4karnage sticks unilinky
  • k4karnage headshots unilinky
  • PZ|editing defneds unlinky and prepares ti fight u two
      • PZ|editing is now known as Pryo_Zarkum
  • k4karnage kills PZ and splatters unilinky

<Pryo_Zarkum> RAAAHHH!!!!!

  • Whitehwk kills PZ|Editing

<Whitehwk> bah
<Pryo_Zarkum> -_-

  • k4karnage plants bomb under unilinky, detonates it
      • unilinky [n=unilinky@wikipedia/harddisk/bot/unilinky] has quit []

<Pryo_Zarkum> u cnat say kills u have to say spartan lasers otherwise u run it, jeez..
<Pryo_Zarkum> LMAO!

  • k4karnage stabs unilinky with Flag

<k4karnage> DAMN!
<k4karnage> He left
<Pryo_Zarkum> he left!
<Pryo_Zarkum> rofl!
<k4karnage> Bastard

The Area

  • Whitehwk kicks unilinky in area
  • Cheifschick kicks WH in areas

<Pwn_cat> O.o
<Cheifschick> it's only fair
<Whitehwk> wtf
<k4karnage> XD

#Halopedia Wars

  • Pryo_Zarkum sticks k4
      • unilinky [n=unilinky@wikipedia/harddisk/bot/unilinky] has quit []
  • Pryo_Zarkum yells "BRING IT ON!"

<Whitehwk> Yeah

  • k4karnage runs toward PZ and hugs him just as grenade goes off

<k4karnage> BRAET THAT!

      • unilinky [n=unilinky@wikipedia/harddisk/bot/unilinky] has joined #halopedia
  • Pryo_Zarkum has shields strong enough to survuve
  • Pryo_Zarkum has shields strong enough to survive, im a zealot

<Whitehwk> "enjoy this blue ball!"

  • Pryo_Zarkum dodges
  • Whitehwk throws Plasma at PZ
  • k4karnage respawns, and sticks self, doing ity again
  • k4karnage kills PZ this time
  • Pryo_Zarkum laughs at the suicide missions that fail

<Pryo_Zarkum> why would it kill me this time?
<Pryo_Zarkum> didnt last time
<k4karnage> cause the first time took away the shields
<k4karnage> second killed you
<Pryo_Zarkum> chields recharge
<Pryo_Zarkum> DUH!
<k4karnage> not fast enough
<k4karnage> u still die
<Pryo_Zarkum> no
<k4karnage> yes

  • Pryo_Zarkum withdraws carbine
  • Cheifschick pulls a Tex and hits you both with PG's
  • k4karnage withdraws BR55HB-SR

<Pryo_Zarkum> I can't do that if im dead can I?

  • Pryo_Zarkum activates camo

<Pryo_Zarkum> and cannot be seen
<k4karnage> exactly, this is in waiting to respawn land

  • Pryo_Zarkum goes behind k4 and breaks his spine

<k4karnage> we have exacly 5 seconds to kill each other
<Pryo_Zarkum> ?

<Pryo_Zarkum> ,y shields take it

  • Pryo_Zarkum dodges
  • Pryo_Zarkum puts three beam rifle shots between ur eyes
  • k4karnage knocks out shields, THEN headshots PZ

<Pryo_Zarkum> too late!
<k4karnage> we're still in respawn land
<Pryo_Zarkum> why?

  • k4karnage assasinates PZ

<k4karnage> cause
<Pryo_Zarkum> u cant say u kill me, u ruin it that way, make it an attack.

  • k4karnage NOVA bombs PZ

<k4karnage> Ha

  • Pryo_Zarkum activates invincibility and survives
  • k4karnage waist till invincibility is gone then NOVA bombs him again

<Pryo_Zarkum> my invincibilty is still working

  • k4karnage NOVA bombs his again just to be sure
  • Pryo_Zarkum gets in his assualt carrier
  • k4karnage NOVA bombs assault carrier

<Pryo_Zarkum> invincibilty works for 60 seconds lol
<k4karnage> 20 sec.
<Pryo_Zarkum> shields take it
<Pryo_Zarkum> shields recharge
<k4karnage> BULLSHIT!
<Pryo_Zarkum> ^_^
<k4karnage> If a planet can't survive it, an assault carrier can't
<Pryo_Zarkum> it actually can
<Pryo_Zarkum> barely
<Cheifschick> yeah
<Pryo_Zarkum> ty
<Cheifschick> as long as it's really far awat
<Pryo_Zarkum> i was far away

  • Pryo_Zarkum goes into slipspace
  • k4karnage double NOVA bombs the assault carrier, making sure there's no escape

<k4karnage> DAMN YOU!
<Pryo_Zarkum> lmao

  • k4karnage jumps in Forerunner Dreadnaught, chases PZ
  • Pryo_Zarkum comes back with three Sangheilien fllet and they blow yo ass up
  • k4karnage dodges

<Pryo_Zarkum> bullshit
<k4karnage> ha ha Forerunner ftw

  • Whitehwk gets into High Charity II and destroys PZ

<Pryo_Zarkum> plasmaa torpedoes doont miss
<Pryo_Zarkum> Dreadnaught Vaporized
<k4karnage> Yes, but if ship is destroyed, they lose coheasion
<k4karnage> Yours is
<k4karnage> Double nOVA's,remember?
<Pryo_Zarkum> nuh uh
<Cheifschick> lol
<Cheifschick> play nive
<Pryo_Zarkum> i went into slipspace and escaped
<Cheifschick> nice*
<k4karnage> Iput the NOVAs on the Dreadnought, chased u and blew them up next to you
<Pryo_Zarkum> 3 fleets = 60 shipes = 400 plasma torpedoes or so
<Pryo_Zarkum> um...
<Pryo_Zarkum> did i mention im immune to nukes?
<Pryo_Zarkum> xD
<k4karnage> Forerunner ship > torpedos, point-to-point slipspace jumps
<k4karnage> ftw

  • Pryo_Zarkum did a momentary overcharge that can withstand 3 Novas

<Whitehwk> ftl
<Whitehwk> High Charity III
<Whitehwk> ftl

  • Pryo_Zarkum breaks it
  • k4karnage launches 40,000 NOVAs, definatly no overcharge for TAHT

<k4karnage> they follow you with Forerunner-made guidance systems
<Pryo_Zarkum> me torpedoes them all, the bobms break and dont detonate

  • Pryo_Zarkum slipspace jumps away

<k4karnage> dammit

  • Pryo_Zarkum arrives on earth, are you willing to NOVA ur planet?

<Pryo_Zarkum> >:)

      • Pwn_cat is now known as Churchreborn
  • Cheifschick disappears into her hibernation pod..... night guys
  • k4karnage pin-point persicion jumps NOVA INSIDE PZ's ship, destroys it UTTERLY

<Pryo_Zarkum> cya

      • Cheifschick [n=900dd995@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]

<Pryo_Zarkum> wtf!?
<k4karnage> Forerunner tech ftw
<k4karnage> you gotta love it
<Pryo_Zarkum> the Dreadnaught is HUGE!!!
<Pryo_Zarkum> too big to go into a ship
<k4karnage> so? the Assault Carrier can fit a Frigate, why not the Dreadnought?
<Pryo_Zarkum> O.o