Sanghelios civil war

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War of Beginnings



Sanghelios civil war




851 BCE[1]


Sanghelios, Urs system[1]


Covenant victory

  • Ussans flee Sanghelios[1]



Ussa 'Xellus[1]

Commander Viyo 'Griot[1]


In 851 BCE, a civil war broke out on Sanghelios as part of a larger rebellion by the rebel forces of Ussa 'Xellus against the newly formed Covenant.[1]


Meeting at Creck[edit]

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Bombing of 'Xellus[edit]

During a speech by Ussa at his keep, the Covenant would attack him and his forces. They would perform five strafes, with one being shot down by Ussa himself, using a Fire-wand launcher.[1]


Open war[edit]

"But he refused to listen to reason, and brought war to Sanghelios. Our own keeps responded with . . . less subtle means, subjecting the entire state of ‘Xellus to incredible firepower."
— Commander Viyo 'Griot to the Prophet of Inner Conviction[1]

Following the bombing, the Rending expanded out into a full civil war on Sanghelios. The magnitude of fighting was such that it would damage underground Forerunner relics. As well, the state of Xellus was bombarded heavily.[1]


Ernicka the Scar-Maker: "To leave our home forever—it makes me ache inside, Ussa."
Ussa 'Xellus: "We may return someday, or our children will. For now, Sanghelios is wherever we go, Ernicka. We are its true soul."
— Ussa and Ernicka discuss their retreat from the planet.[1]

Much of the Ussans would take cover in a volcano in Nwari, near the planet's southern pole. There, Ussa had stashed away several starships to take his forces away from the planet. While there, a Covenant spy named Vertikus would attempt to attack Ussa himself. However, Ernicka the Scar-Maker would stop the would-be assassin and a mob would kill him.[1]


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