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Rescued or Not

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Rescued or Not


Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack


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Best Guess At Best


Rescued or Not is the sixteenth track in Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack.


The track opens with synth ambiance before low strings and percussion enter with a suspenseful melody, soon joined by accompaniments from male vocals and piano. Percussion slowly builds up, leading into a grave melody by brass, strings, and vocals. They pause briefly at the climax before ending with a short cue by high strings.


The track plays in "Judgement Day", the opening cutscene of the thirteenth Halo Wars campaign level Beachhead, when Ripa 'Moramee uses Ellen Anders to activate the Forerunner Sojourner-class dreadnoughts, and ending at the moment when Anders escapes from Apex Site.

Production notes[edit]

The name Rescued or Not is derived from John Forge's dialogue upon meeting Anders, "Lady, I haven't got all day. You wanna be rescued or not?"