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De Facto the Matter

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De Facto the Matter


Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack


Stephen Rippy




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Part of the Problem


De Facto the Matter is the nineteenth track in Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack.


The track features an electric guitar riffs on repeated, with strings and vocals joining in gradually. Synth notes and percussion take over for a heavy melody. Strings and guitar returns with a reprise of the initial melody before being joined by vocals. The track ends with an emphatic reprise of the main theme.


De Facto the Matter made its debut in the original Halo Wars E3 2007 Demo, during the opening cinematic in which D77-TC Pelicans fly to the UNSC base. A percussion-only version plays during the encounter with the Protos-pattern Scarab.

This tracks plays during Halo Wars gameplay whenever the player commands their units to attack an enemy base. It also plays specifically at the last two minutes of the time-based campaign levels, Arcadia City and Escape.

Production notes[edit]

The name De Facto the Matter is a portmanteau of the two phrases "de facto" and "fact of the matter".