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Insignificantia [All Sloppy/No Joe]

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Insignificantia [All Sloppy/No Joe]


Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack


Stephen Rippy




Under Your Hurdles


Insignificantia [All Sloppy/No Joe] is the twenty-fifth and final track in Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack.


The track opens with a piano solo playing a serene melody. Woodwinds and strings repeat the melody, joined by brass, piano, and synths. Percussion fade in, and the bass guitar plays in ambiance. Piano returns with the melody, playing it twice, and answered by strings and brass both times. Bass guitar repeats the answering melody, accompanied by the choir, which takes over for the melody. Soft percussion play in the background, while the piano plays the Spirit of Fire leitmotif, with a solo string instrument playing the original serene melody for the ending.


The track plays in the Halo Wars credits.

Production notes[edit]

The track's title references a type of sandwich named "sloppy joe".