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Quite the Vacation Resort

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Quite the Vacation Resort


Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack


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Quite the Vacation Resort is the seventh exclusive track in the Halo Wars: Original Soundtrack Bonus DVD.


The track opens with a drumroll, with strings, brass, and woodwinds playing a suspenseful melody. Piano repeats the melody, answered by strings and brass. Brass cuts in with a flowing melody, answered by the other instruments. Strings repeat their melodies resting. Low strings enter with a heavy melody, accompanied by brass and percussion. High strings join in, playing a flowing melody, echoed by brass. The instruments pause briefly, with synthesizers playing in ambiance. Strings return briefly before ambiance returns again. Strings play a series of short notes before male vocals with the first phrase of the Gregorian chant from the Halo Theme. The track ends in a climax with strings and vocals.


The track plays in "All it Did Was Point", the beginning cutscene of the fourth Halo Wars campaign level Arcadia City, when Ellen Anders explains to James Cutter that the relic point towards Arcadia, and the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrives at Arcadia to see the planet under attack.

Production notes[edit]

The name Quite the Vacation Resort is a direct quote from Serina, who stated that Arcadia is "quite the vacation resort".