Resa 'Azavayl

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Resa 'Azavayl
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Before 2559

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First Blade officer[1]

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Last son of the 'Azavayl lineage[1]


First Blade officer Resa 'Azavayl was a Sangheili warrior who commanded a squad of the special operations division, the Silent Shadow.[1]


After the Covenant's betrayal of the Sangheili and the outbreak of the Great Schism, Resa 'Azavayl felt that his devotion to the Prophets' Great Journey had made him lose sight of the honor dear to his species and the peace it brought. Seeking out absolution, Resa became devoted to hunting down all the treacherous Jiralhanae and those found associating with them. 'Azavayl led his fellow Silent Shadow commandos on an exhaustive mission to wipe out Jiralhanae forces across multiple systems, slaughtering them at an armory on the fourth moon of Victors' Truth, aboard the stolen Covenant corvette Adherent, at the northern highlands of Thalia, aboard a derelict colonial substation orbiting Sansar, and eradicating the last remaining members of Chieftain Tartarus' crew aboard the Covenant cruiser Rapid Conversion. As time progressed, 'Azavayl's personal war against the Sangheili's former allies began to wear on his subordinates.[1]

At some point, Resa's squad embarked on a mission to eliminate Jiralhanae aboard the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette Elegy's Lament. He and his men infiltrated the vessel and caught several Jiralhanae off-guard thanks to the use of their armor's active camouflage. Unbeknownst to them, Elegy's Lament was crewed by the Banished and commanded by the faction's chief, Atriox. Despite being cloaked, the Banished detected their infiltration and Atriox noticed the assassins' scents when they entered the bridge. He invited the would-be assassins to show themselves and proceeded to question their transgressions, mocking 'Azavayl's stubborn adherence to honor and vengeance. Preferring not to fight against the Silent Shadow, Atriox reminded Resa and the rest that he was not their enemy and extended them an offer to join the Banished. Resa was not amused by Atriox, whom he deemed as the Betrayer, declaring that he and the Banished deserved death for their "sins". Resa's brothers in arms, however, felt their mission no longer held purpose considering the changing state of the galaxy and wished to join Atriox. Believing Resa was blinded by old loyalties and festering delusions of vengeance, his subordinates reluctantly turned on him and drove their energy swords through his chest, impressing the Warmaster. Then, they vowed to carry out Atriox's will across the galaxy until nothing left remained except fervent peace.[1]


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