Elegy's Lament

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Elegy's Lament
Production information


Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette[1][2]



956 metres (3,136 ft)


399 metres (1,309 ft)


Repulsor engines[1]

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating

Service information

Known commanders:

Warmaster Atriox[1]



The Elegy's Lament is an Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette that was captured from the Covenant by the Banished at some point after Atriox led the faction in rebellion against the empire in early 2549.[1]

Service history[edit]

Resa 'Azavayl's squad boarded Elegy's Lament to kill the Jiralhanae crew out of hatred for their species, until Atriox's offer to join the Banished as they had little care for Sangheili-Jiralhanae feuds.

Although Atriox and Decimus commanded a larger captured Ket-pattern battlecruiser temporarily as a flagship for the newly Banished fleets at some point shortly following the Algolis Invasion,[3] Atriox was transferred himself to the Elegy's Lament at some point for reasons unknown, and he personally commanded the vessel to raid and harry in its formative years, alongside a contingent of his forces aboard the corvette.[2]

In the wake of the Great Schism, a Special Operations squad of the Silent Shadow infiltrated the ship with the intent to massacre the Jiralhanae that crewed it. These four Sangheili were able to kill at least five Jiralhanae before an alarm was triggered and Atriox became alerted to the hostile presence.[1] In the end, instead of completing the slaughter, three of the Silent Shadow turned on their leader, Resa 'Azavayl, and joined the Banished instead after an offer was made to them.[1]

Later, Atriox personally led his Jiralhanae and Sangheili warriors in an assault on a Covenant separatist base on a planet controlled by the fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul and his fleet, eventually capturing a much larger CAS-class assault carrier, Enduring Conviction, as the new flagship for the core group of the Banished to supply the crew and fuel the assault carrier indefinitely, with its shipmaster Let 'Volir joining the mercenary faction.[2]


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