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Plipbab was an Unggoy serving the Banished during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559.[1][2]

During the conflict, Plipbab was part of a salvage operation led by Pavium and Voridus sent to investigate the ruins of the former-Covenant holy city High Charity. He served as the supervisor of the operations' Unggoy forces. During one particularly fateful accident involving Voridus' experimental infusion gel, several Unggoy were killed and Plipbab went to report the accident to Voridus. Voridus and Pavium were engaged in an argument, leading Plipbab to begin to shy away from giving the commanders the bad news before he was spotted by Pavium. He relayed the news to Pavium, expecting to be executed for the issue but instead was met by the two Jiralhanae brothers bursting into laughter. The two brothers began discussing a similar experience from their history, and Plipbab was able to sneak away, before reporting the issue to the Banished central command.[1][2]


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