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Order[1] was an order given out by Vice Admiral Margaret O. Parangosky that redirected the majority of funding for excavating Zone 67 on Onyx to fighting rebels in the outer colonies and re-designated all files and materials related to Onyx under the code-word KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN. In 2552, the AI Endless Summer included it as an attached file in Flash 91762P-06.


March 6, 2525 (Military Calendar)
Subject: Zone 67 Funding
Issuing Officer: Admiral M. O. Parangosky, Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three/ UNSCMID:03669271
Gentlemen, I'll be brief. After almost fifteen years of continuous and ruinously expensive research without a single new useful technology discovered, the budget of the Onyx initiative has been reprioritized.
Although the alien artifacts and hieroglyphics continue to be of interest, recent rebel activities in the outer colonies demand that we face realities and reallocate our finite AI and military personnel to counter this new threat.
Onyx is to remain classified, code-word top secret. All materials and files have been redesignated under the nomenclature KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN.
Pursuant to order any breach of code-word classification confidentiality is punishable by the death penalty as per UNSC MIL-JAG 4465/LHG, the Wartime Articles of Secrecy, and the amended Articles of the Homeland Security Act of 2162.
A skeleton crew and one AI will continue to probe the mysteries of Zone 67. Maybe they'll hit pay dirt.
In the meantime, the rest of us have a war to fight.

Production note[edit]

The text of the order refers to Margaret Parangosky's rank as that of Admiral; however, she was a Vice Admiral until at least 2551.[2] This is therefore likely an error or oversight.

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