Morph Sight

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The Morph sight is a telescopic sight of Forerunner origin.[1]


As of 2558, ONI's Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group had labored for several years to unlock the secrets of the Forerunners' dynamic threat acquisition and engagement systems. Their efforts led to translation protocols that allowed Forerunner weapons to be used with UNSC smart-links and HUDs, with limited functionality. However, only recently has collaboration with Swords of Sanghelios artisan-armorers - and deeper insight into Covenant dummy plugs - allowed for partial replication of cryptic Forerunner sub-mechanisms and interface signals.[2]

An advanced tactical configuration used by the UEG's elite bodyguard corps, the Morph sight has also been recently developed in test configuration and issued to Spartans assigned to UNSC Infinity's science field teams. The Morph sight has demonstrated enhanced acquisition speed against targets exhibiting Flood signatures, though work continues on analyzing "resonance" exhibited by the Morph sight when integrated with certain weapons.[2]

Known applicable weapons[edit]

The following weapons have been seen to utilize this attachment:

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