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Kitun 'Arach

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Kitun 'Arach
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October 27, 2558





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Jul 'Mdama's Covenant[1]



"My brother, it seems our ancestors wished us to confront our stubbornness. Today, I killed you for your betrayals. You—you were strong. You ensured, that by dawn, I will join you. Perhaps, beyond the battles of this world, we will find a way to live together in peace once more."
— Kitun 'Arach, shortly before his death[2]

Kitun 'Arach was a Sangheili general in service with Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.


"Jacul 'Arach, my brother. Now that we are free of the corruption of the San'Shyuum and the foolishness of Jul 'Mdama, you have no reason to refuse my offer of amnesty. Come home, brother."
— Kitun 'Arach asks his brother to join him in the Covenant[3]

In October 2558, 'Arach fought in the Battle of Kamchatka, where he led a Covenant lance trying to assault the hill leading to the temple where Jul 'Mdama and Catherine Halsey were stationed. Despite considerable firepower from a Kraken aiding them, 'Arach's forces were unable to break through the Promethean defenses, until Spartan Fireteam Osiris arrived and destroyed the numerous Promethean Soldiers and Crawlers there. Some accounts of the battle suggest that 'Arach formed an unlikely alliance with the humans, temporarily fighting alongside Osiris so as to wipe out the Soldiers together.[4][5]

After 'Mdama's death at Kamchatka, his Covenant regrouped for a full attack on the Vadam lands at Sanghelios, with 'Arach serving as one of the prominent commanders of Covenant forces during their assault on Sanghelios. Kitun's brother Jacul sent him a message, urging him to leave the Covenant and join the Swords of Sanghelios, but Kitun refused and urged his brother to join the Covenant instead.[1]

During the Battle of Sunaion, Kitun was one of the commanders who led the defense of the city.[4] During the battle he and his brother Jacul fought each other. Kitun managed to kill Jacul, but his brother mortally wounded him before he died. Regretful for killing his brother, with his dying breath Kitun wondered if he could make peace with Jacul in the afterlife.[2]


Kitun wore a Warrior-class harness, and carried a Type-55 storm rifle for protection during the Battle of Kamchatka. In close-quarters, he would wield a Type-1 Energy Sword.

Production notes[edit]

According to Canon Fodder, Kitun 'Arach is the Elite who can be rescued for the Enemy of my Enemy achievement. Doing so will turn him and any surviving Covenant under his command from enemies to NPC allies, a first in the series. The achievement’s events are canonical, but killing him does not affect the story; his Mission Intel logs will still be found in the following levels.

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