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Kiriken is the single natural satellite of the planet Carrow. It is a massive moon that displays a pitted face to residents of the planet it orbits. The light that is reflected off Kiriken makes it appear to shine with silver-green light.[2]

After learning of the threat from the Jiralhanae Chieftain Hekabe and that it would take at least a day and a half for any UNSC support to arrive, Melody Azikiwe told ONI Commander Greg van Eekhout that the UNSC should've had a fleet waiting on the other side of Kiriken which could've gotten help to them faster. Van Eekhout explained that such a move would've been politically awkward as the Sangheili would've probably detected it and been upset with the presence of a larger UNSC force sitting on top of a colony they are trying to make peace with. Additionally, the people of Suraka wouldn't have liked it and the New Colonial Alliance could've used it to stoke more unrest in the Joint Occupation Zones.[3]

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