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Panom, Hesduros

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Ilic is a young Sangheili male living on Hesduros.


In March 2553, Jul 'Mdama teleported to Hesduros from ONI Research Facility Trevelyan. Landing in Panom Keep, Kaidon Panom quickly arrived to investigate and allowed Jul inside his keep. Eager to contact his own keep, Jul asked for a communicator and was handed one by Ilic. Upon hearing the death of his wife Raia, Jul was grief-stricken and went to the site of the Forerunner portal to be alone. After a while, Ilic was sent to find Jul, who was studying Forerunner symbols. Ilic asked about the symbols Jul had etched on his belt and was told of Requiem, the shield world of the Didact. Ilic then escorted Jul to show him another ruin inscribed with Forerunner symbols. Jul eventually identified the markings on the ruins as coordinates to Requiem and told Ilic to fetch Panom. Panom was then convinced that Jul had been sent by the will of the Forerunners and vowed to aid him in his search for the Didact and the eradication of humanity.[1]

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