State of Panom

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Panom is a Sangheili state on the colony world Hesduros. The kaidon of the state is Panom, the elder of Panom keep.[1]


In March 2553, Jul 'Mdama was teleported to the state of Panom from ONI Research Facility Trevelyan, landing in the middle of the "holy gate". Kaidon Panom and the other inhabitants of the state were highly religious, and at first considered Jul 'Mdama's use of the portal as a potential sacrilege. However, as 'Mdama proceeded to explain what he had learned about the Didact on Trevelyan, the locals quickly came to regard him as a messenger sent by the gods and Panom vowed to assist 'Mdama on his quest to gather a new, powerful force to oppose humanity and find Requiem.[2]

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