Haka 'Suukaree

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Haka 'Suukaree
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c. 2152[1][2]

Cause of death:

Killed in a duel with Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee[3][1][2]

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There will be time for talk when I rule in your stead, and declare your shame, Arbiter.

Haka 'Suukaree was a Sangheili warrior within the Covenant military centuries before the Human-Covenant War.[1] Until his death at the hands of Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee, 'Suukaree served as the personal enforcer of the High Prophet of Solemnity, one of the reigning Hierarchs.[3][1]


Serving the Hierarchs[edit]

As is expected of all male Sangheili, Haka 'Suukaree enlisted in the Covenant military. He eventually found himself serving the San'Shyuum Hierarchs themselves, becoming the High Prophet of Solemnity's enforcer.[1]

Duel with Fal 'Chavamee[edit]

When it became known that the current Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee, had renounced the Covenant religion, he was called before the High Prophet of Solemnity, who urged 'Chavamee to recant his blasphemy. However, 'Chavamee refused to listen and declared the Great Journey to be lie. Following this meeting, the High Prophet of Solemnity branded the Arbiter as a heretic and ordered Haka 'Suukaree to kill him. 'Suukaree accepted his orders without question, seeking to supplant 'Chavamee as head of his clan once he killed him.[3]

As the Arbiter was busy defending himself from others who wished to silence him for his heretical views, 'Suukaree forced one of 'Chavamee's close friends, Roh, to lead him to the Arbiter's wife, Han. 'Suukaree forced Roh to kill her, promising that his actions would save the clan from the wrath of the Covenant. After Han's death, 'Suukaree killed Roh as well, leaving their bodies as a message and a challenge for 'Chavamee to face him in direct combat.[3]

The two Sangheili met atop a towering Forerunner structure and 'Suukaree taunted 'Chavamee for being too late to save Han, saying that it was a high price to pay for his honor. The Arbiter stated that he was not worthy to speak her name, and promised that it would be last thing he would say. 'Suukaree responded that he would have plenty of time to talk as he ruled in 'Chavamee's stead and declared his shame. At this point, the two drew their blades and began circling each other. After a moment, both lunged at each other simultaneously; 'Suukaree sliced the Arbiter across his torso but was in turn stabbed in the stomach by 'Chavamee's energy sword. Both warriors fell to the ground and died.[3][2]


At the time of his death, Haka 'Suukaree wore an elaborate set of red and black armor with a golden crest on the helmet.[3][2] He also wielded a double-bladed metallic sword in the style of an energy sword which was so large that it needed to be held with two hands.


  • Haka was voiced by Josh Grelle.[4]
  • Haka's appearance is decidedly Japanese, with his armor resembling that of ancient samurai warriors. Additionally, rather than an energy sword, Haka carries a more conventional metal blade.


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