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This article is about the Sangheili. For the shuttle used by Dr. Catherine Halsey, see Han.
Biographical information


c. 2152[1]

Cause of death:

Cut down by Roh, who was forced to do so by Haka 'Suukaree[2]

Personal details





Eye color:

Lime green[2]

Political and military information




"You are stubborn to a fault."
— Fal 'Chavamee, referring to his wife[2]

Han was a Sangheili and the wife of the Arbiter Fal 'Chavamee.[2]


Standing by her husband[edit]

Han married Fal 'Chavamee, the current Arbiter of the Covenant, and the two of them lived on Sanghelios where Fal acted as leader of his clan.[2]

After Fal renounced the Covenant religion and their people's place in society, Han refused to leave her husband despite him expressing concern for her fate.[2] When Haka 'Suukaree, the personal enforcer of the High Prophet of Solemnity,[1] was ordered to kill the Arbiter, he sought out Roh, one of Fal's closest friends, who he forced to lead him to Fal and Han's home. Only finding Han at the dwelling, she was brutally beaten and Haka forced Roh to kill her. Haka, in turn, then killed Roh and left their bodies as a gruesome challenge to Fal.[2]


Fal accepted the challenge, pledging to kill Haka. Although Fal managed to avenge Han the ensuing duel, he was also mortally wounded. A vision of Han would be the last thing that Fal saw before he died.[2]


  • Han was voiced by Melissa Davis in The Duel.[3]
  • Han was the first female Sangheili to be visually depicted in the Halo series.
  • Han's humanoid appearance is a stylistic interpretation intended to make her a more sympathetic character, and does not represent the canonical appearance of female Sangheili. Despite this, she does have a typical Sangheili mouth. However, as the Sangheili in the episode typically speak with their lower mandibles together, they all generally appear to have human-like mouths.[4][5][6]


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