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This article contains details objects in the Structure category placeable in Forge mode in Halo Reach. For objects in other categories, please see one of the pages listed below.

The format of this page differs from the other pages listing Forge objects due to the Structure category only applying to a small number of maps, and including a very large number of parts.

Objects in the same section share a common part limit. Placing one reduces the number remaining for all the others in the same grouping.

Building Blocks[edit]

Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Block, 1x1
A 1 "unit" square block. A unit being the same distance the "Edit coordinates" menu uses when manually tweaking an objects location. Slightly taller than a Spartan, the player can just barely see over one when jumping.
$10 100 $10 100
Block, 1x1, Flat
Very similar to a Block, 1x1 however only 20% as thick.
Block, 1x1, Short
Half as thick as a Block, 1x1.
Block, 1x1, Tall
2.5 times as tall as a Block, 1x1.
Block, 1x1, Tall and Thin
In terms of the unit of measurement used by the other blocks, this part is 1.0 x 0.5 x 3.0.
Block, 1x2
Block, 1x4
Block, 2x1, Flat
Block, 2x2
Block, 2x2 Flat
Block, 2x2, Short
Block, 2x2, Tall
Block, 2x3
Block, 2x4
Block, 3x1, Flat
Block, 3x3
Block, 3x3, Flat
Block, 3x3, Short
Block, 3x3, Tall
Block, 3x4
Block, 4x4
Block, 4x4, Flat
Block, 4x4, Short
Block, 4x4, Tall
Block, 5x1, Short
Despite the "Short" in its name this object is as thick as the other blocks labeled "flat."
Block, 5x5, Flat

Bridges and Platforms[edit]

Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Bridge, Small $10 50 $10 50
Bridge, Medium
Twice as long as a Bridge, Small.
Bridge, Large
Three times as long as a Bridge, Small.
Bridge, XLarge
Five times as long as a Bridge, Small.
Bridge, Diagonal
Bridge, Diag, Small
Half of a very large, round, saucer.
Dish, Open
Almost identical to a Dish, but with a notch out it on one side.
Corner, 45 Degrees
Corner, 2x2
Corner, 4x4
Landing Pad
Platform, Ramped
Platform, Large
Platform, XL
Platform, XXL
Platform, Y
Platform, Y, Large
Sniper Nest
Walkway, Large


Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Bunker, Small $150 12 $150 12
Bunker, Small, Covered
Bunker, Box
Bunker, Round
Two placed side by side form the bases on Hemorrhage.
Bunker, Ramp
Placed on ends of Quarry on Forge World to make Asylum bases.
Tower, 2 Story
Tower, 3 Story
Tower, Tall
Room, Double
Room, Triple


Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Antenna, Small $50 100 $50 100
Antenna, Satellite
Used on top of the dish in the center of Pinnacle.
Brace, Large
Brace, Tunnel
Cover, Crenellation
Cover, Glass
Glass Sail
Railing, Small
Railing, Medium
Railing, Long
Teleporter Frame
Large Walkway Cover

Doors, Windows, and Walls[edit]

Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Door $10 50 $10 50
Door, Double
Window, Double
Wall, Double
Wall, Corner
Wall, Curved
Wall, Coliseum
Very, very large and flat, relatively few of these can be used to create a large section of wall or floor. However, not the most aesthetically pleasing part when used to construct most of a map.
Window, Coliseum
The perfect shape to plug the entrance/exit to The Coliseum area on Forge World. One can also fit in the depression at the back of the chamber. Not quite as large as a Wall, Coliseum, however when used to wall off an area it makes it look less like a solid concrete bunker due to the large panes of glass.
Tunnel, Short
Tunnel, Long


Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Bank, 1x1 $10 100 $10 100
Bank, 1x2
Bank, 2x1
Bank, 2x2
Ramp, 1x2
Ramp, 1x2, Shallow
Ramp, 2x2
Ramp, 2x2, Steep
Ramp, Circular, Small
Ramp, Circular, Large
Two of these form the structure in the center of Asylum.
Ramp, Bridge, Small
Ramp, Bridge, Medium
Ramp, Bridge, Large
Ramp, XL
Ramp, Stunt
The blue stripes on this part unfortunately do not change color with the "Object Color" proprety.


Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
Rock, Small $10 50 $10 50
Rock, Flat
Rock, Medium 1
Rock, Medium 2
Rock, Spire 1
Rock, Spire 2
Rock, Seastack
The largest piece of rock, only available on Forge World. If several are used to block off an area it may be helpful to rotate them differently in order to disguise the reuse of the same part. See also: Stack on Wikipedia.
Rock, Arch
Rock, Small 1
The smallest piece of rock, only available on Tempest.
Rock, Spire 3
Only available on Tempest. Good for forming walls or blocking off cave entrances.


These parts do not have a category and are simply listed in the root of the "Structure" menu in Forge.

Object Forge World Tempest
Cost Max Cost Max
A large, blue-tinted, transparent, checkered grid designed to help lay out and align pieces in Forge.
$100 2 $100 2