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Ellie Bloom
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Eridanus II


Some time before March 7, 2511[1]

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Childhood friend of John-117


Ellie Bloom is a civilian woman living in the Outer Colonies. She was a childhood friend of the future Master Chief, John, living next to each other in their childhood.[1]


Ellie, John and their friend Katrina often built and raced in obstacle courses of their own. Occasionally their parents allowed them to go stargazing in the grasslands near Elysium City. Ellie moved off-planet before December 2517. Because her parents limited her access to Waypoint she was prevented from keeping in touch with John and did not learn of his supposed death when his flash clone died.[2]

In 2558, she was interviewed by journalist Benjamin Giraud as part of his investigation into the history of the Master Chief, where she learned, to her great surprise, that her childhood friend John became the famous Master Chief. Giraud had found Bloom through his own contacts rather than the list of interviewees that the Office of Naval Intelligence gave him, suggesting that her story was genuine unlike that of Deon Govender.[1] Bloom contacted her and John's childhood friend Katrina about the revelation but the latter told her that John had died at age six, a discrepancy she subsequently brought to Giraud's attention.[2] Ellie also noted to Giraud that many of the details supplied by Deon Govender such as the insurrectionist presence in Elysium City and the story of John's boxing at a young age were complete fabrications; Elysium had never been targed by rebels, and boxing had been outlawed on the entire colony of Eridanus II.[3]

Production note[edit]

Ellie Bloom was depicted in the Halo 3 trailer Starry Night as an unidentified child, sat in a field alongside a young John-117.[4] She would later return in the 2015 audio drama Hunt the Truth. In the audio series, Bloom is portrayed by Canadian–American actress Tara Strong in Hunt the Truth.[5][6]

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