Eld Ventures

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Oriel: "Provide the locations, and you shall have your investor."
Sloan: "My silent investor."
Oriel: "Of course, Administrator Sloan. As long as you cooperate, Eld Ventures is always silent."
— Oriel promises financial assistance in exchange for the locations of a landing zone and ideal extraction points for the ONI unit, Papa-10.[1]

Eld Ventures is a holding company created for the purpose of investing in the Liang-Dortmund Corporation.[1] It was named for the Eld, the Forerunner glyph representing the Mantle of Responsibility.[2]


Eld Ventures' articles of incorporation were initiated and queued for transmission on December 16, 2553 by Oriel, a minor aspect of the archeon-class ancilla, Intrepid Eye.[1] Oriel did this as part of a negotiation with Administrator Sloan, the A.I. boss of the under-construction Pinnacle Station. The ancilla aspect was operating under the pretense of being an Office of Naval Intelligence A.I. at the time. In return for Sloan's pledge to do everything in his power to help her recover cryo-jars then being fought over by ONI operatives and the Keepers of the One Freedom, Oriel agreed to arrange for a large investor that would discreetly fund Liang-Dortmund's activities on Meridian. She set the initial investment at twenty million credits and promised continued monthly transactions for as long as Sloan would remain amenable to cooperation wit Oriel. When Sloan revealed it was beyond his capability to destroy a personnel shuttle four Keepers had boarded to pursue the ONI operatives, Oriel claimed that Eld Ventures' director was not prone to forgiveness. She further threatened to disrupt the vendors that formed Liang-Dortmund's supply chain and even suggested that the director could recommend Pinnacle Station be placed on the UNSC Suspicious Ports list, but Sloan reassured her that he was still fully committed to upholding his end of the bargain.[1] Not long after making these arrangements, Oriel was terminated inadvertently when the utility skiff harboring her core processes was destroyed in a fight between the Keepers and more UNSC personnel.[3]

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