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This article is about the in-universe object. For the hidden objects found in Halo: Reach, see Data pads.
A data pad in Halo: Reach

A data pad, sometimes rendered as datapad,[1] is a piece of technology used by humans, Sangheili, Jiralhanae and other species. Data pads are portable computer pads that store information, files, pictures, and sounds.[2] Data pads vary greatly in size, from the size of a tablet computer to thumb-sized devices.[3]

Dr. Catherine Halsey kept a pad of information with her about the Spartan-II candidates as she began to research them.[4] She also appeared to have this technology on her glasses, as she could pull up and read files on them.[5] Similar to modern day devices of the same nature, they can be password protected or, in Dr. Halsey's case, sensitive to her retinas only. The UNSC Tactical Simulator, used by the Spartan-IVs to insert themselves into combat scenarios throughout human history, runs on data pads.[6]

The TACPAD appears to be a military application of the data pad.

The Covenant are known to utilize devices similar in function to the human data pad. Specifically, Sangheili warriors use unique disc-shaped datapads to store personal recordings and Mission Intel logs.[7]

The Banished also utilize similar technology.[8]


They are extremely similar to the "Padd" that appears commonly in the Star Trek universe, or the datapad from Star Wars. It seems to have stemmed from today's PDAs, smartphones and tablets.


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