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Second Lieutenant Dalu was a veteran ODST stationed on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in September 2552. As part of the ODST battalion lead by Major Antonio Silva, Dalu served as the commander of 2nd Platoon, B Company under First Lieutenant Melissa McKay.[1]


Battle of Installation 04[edit]

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Dalu was one of many ODSTs stationed on the Autumn in August 2552, when the ship was able to escape the Fall of Reach and emerge over Installation 04. Dalu was able to survive the ODST deployment onto the ring, and was ultimately picked to head up reinforcement deployments to the raid on the Truth and Reconciliation, serving as supply master for the mission. Each time Echo 419 deployed a fresh wave of Marines into the fighting, Dalu and his team served to scavenge the battlefield for armaments, coordinating the collection of Covenant arms including plasma pistols, plasma rifles, needlers, power packs, communications equipment, hand tools and even food. In total, Dalu's party were able to make off with six Mamua'uda-pattern Shade turrets for use in reinforcing Alpha Base.[1]

While Dalu served as a supply officer for the attack on the Truth and Reconciliation, McKay was forced to promote Master Sergeant Lister to take Dalu's command of 2nd Platoon for her raid on on the Pillar of Autumn's crash site.[1] Dalu's fate following September 19 is unknown, though he was presumably killed with the destruction of Installation 04 on September 22, along with all other UNSC forces on the ring.

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