Covenant communications jammer

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A Covenant communications jammer.

Communications jammers are a piece of electronic warfare technology used by the Covenant. As their name suggests, they are used for the purpose of disrupting enemy COM frequencies, preventing long-ranged communications in the regions they are placed. However, they do permit short-ranged communications within their vicinity even at close-range, suggesting them to be more of a strategic tool for cutting off larger deployments from command authorities and battle network uplinks than disrupting tactical-level communications.[1]

While active, the emitters emit a steady pulse of light and a mild electromagnetic pulse, capable of disrupting electronics such as helmet VISR displays - though not to such an extent as to completely disable it. The sides of the jammers contain a control pad with an option to self-destruct - enabling this option retracts the three central pillars into the base before self-destructing.[1] The Banished make use of a disruption emitter with broad visual and operational similarities to the communications jammer.

On August 23, 2552, during the Fall of Reach, SPARTAN-B312 assisted in destroying several of the jammers in New Alexandria that were blocking a signal to United Nations Space Command command. Three such jammers were placed in the New Alexandria Hospital, SinoViet Center, and Club Errera - alongside a handful placed on the exterior roofs of some of the city's many skyscrapers.[1][Note 1]


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  1. ^ The jammers placed on roofs are randomised objectives in the New Alexandria level, and may not always be given to a player.


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