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Noble Actual[edit]

"Only the parts that weren't covered in the black ink." - After Emile asks her if she's read Noble Six's file.

Winter Contingency[edit]

  • "Get me under the hood, Commander." - To Carter-A259 while en route to the Visegrad Relay.
  • "Commander, we just lost our signal with HQ." - While en route to Visegrad.
  • "Searching...nada. Can't say what's jamming us." - When asked to check for any backup channels.
  • "Aim for the distress beacon."
  • "Distress beacon is coming from just south of here, Commander. We are close."
  • "Negative, but it's military." - When asked if the beacon contains any ID.
  • "Why are we not seeing explosives residue?" - While inspecting the area with Noble Team.
  • "Smoke at the next structure, boss." - Kat noticing a building hiding a group of civilians.
  • "Noble Three, requesting air-lift, over." - After Carter orders her to head directly ahead to the relay outpost.
  • "We're at the relay outpost. Door's locked. Mechanism's been flash-fused." - After Carter requests a status update.
  • "I dialed up my torch, cut a way through. Going to take some time."
  • "Taking a little longer than I hoped, Commander. I've cut about halfway through the door."
  • "Just about...there! We're in!"
  • "Control room. Go easy."
  • "Number Six, search that body." - When Six approaches the control room.
  • "Lieutenant, check that body for ID." - If Six does not search the body right away after Kat gives the first order.
  • "Damn. Plasma damage!" - After inspecting the relay's control panel.
  • "I'll take that, Six. Not your domain." - To Noble Six after finding a data module.
  • "Question of my life. If the question is when will this station be back online, two weeks, earliest. This is plasma damage. All major uplink components are fried." - Responding to Carter's question about the job.
  • "Which is why I'm splicing into the main overland bundle to get you a direct line to Colonel Holland. - After Carter informs her that they're in a hurry.
  • "You're in my lights, Commander."
  • "Signal. It's patchy, but it's there." - To Carter after establishing a signal.
  • "Best not touch anything. You wouldn't want to ground this place."

ONI: Sword Base[edit]

  • "Roger that, we're your strike team." - After Carter tells her to push the attacking forces.
  • "Let's knock some heads, Lieutenant!"
  • "Noble Two to Sword Control: courtyard is clear, over."
  • "Sword Control, I see a Target Locator. Any artillery support in the area?"
  • "Six, use that target locator on that Wraith."
  • "Outstanding!" - After Noble Six destroys two attacking Wraiths.
  • "Pelican inbound with transport, Six."
  • "AA gun is to the west. Comms array is to the east. Let's roll." - After Sword Control informs them of two locations that need their intervention.
  • "I agree, go for the gun." - If Noble Six heads west.
  • "Good call. Let's get comms first." - If Noble Six heads to the east.
  • "I'm picking up a power source, we're close to the AA gun."
  • "That's the gun over there. Should be a reset control somewhere to get it online."
  • "We need to activate that AA gun, Lieutenant. Go get the reset control."
  • "Gun is no good to us without power. Activate it now!" - If Six takes too long to activate the gun."
  • "That did it, Six. AA gun is online."
  • "All right, take that 'hog, Six."
  • "We need to get that comms array online!"
  • "Hope that comms array has a working generator."
  • "Let's search the area for a generator, Six."
  • "South building, Lieutenant. Check it out." - To look for the switch to activate the generator.
  • "Okay, generator is up and running. Find that comms array, should be up high." - After activating the generator.
  • "You did it, Six. Comms array up and running."
  • "Now let's head for Airview Base and get that AA gun online." - If AA gun was not activated first.
  • "On our way, Commander. Six, let's go." - After Carter orders them to return to Sword Base ASAP.
  • "Opening the gates now." - After Jun tells her that they are stalled inside the atrium.
  • "Let's get to the atrium. We have to go through the security office. Elevator, Lieutenant. Take it." - To Six after neutralizing all the enemies on the lower level area.
  • "Where's our orbital support? Got to be four platforms that could take it out with a single MAC round." - Inside the elevator after Emile makes the remark that the place is being hit hard.
  • "I doubt that very much." - After an automated greeting tells her an ONI representative will be with them shortly.
  • "Like warning the planet." - After Carter tells Dr. Halsey that they had more important matters to attend to.


  • "Then we're closing in. Report any Covenant structures or devices. Direct action may be necessary." - After Jun informs her that Recon Team Bravo has arrived and the Covenant hostiles are getting closer.
  • "Recon Bravo, the sector ahead is dark to electronic surveillance." - To Jun indicating that they are getting close to a dark zone.
  • "So it would seem, and Command wants to know what they're hiding." - When Jun asks if the Covenant can block their instruments.
  • "Standing by to copy, over." - When Jun prepares to give her the contact report.
  • "Negative, too small, you're not in the dark zone yet. Engage at your own discretion, but keep moving." - When Jun asks her if they've reached the correct area.
  • "Affirmative, Recon Bravo. It's an indigenous creature, called Gúta." - After Recon Team Bravo defeats a pair of Gútas.
  • "Move to assist. They may have intel we need." - After Jun reports spotting local militia engaging hostiles.
  • "That's the source of our dark zone." - After Jun reports they have visual on a Covenant Stealth pylon.
  • "Negative, stick a remote det charge on it. Command's planning something big. They say that pylon dies at dawn." - When Jun indicates that he will destroy the pylon.
  • "Somewhere inconspicuous, I hope." - After Jun confirms placement of the det charge.
  • "Alright. Keep pushing into the dark zone. Command wants to know what the Covenant are hiding."- After Jun tells her that the det charge is hidden inside the pylon's power supply.
  • "Copy. Uploading security codes to you now." - After Jun indicates that the is a nearby locked gate.
  • "Recon Bravo, you are heading into the dark zone now." - After Jun opens the gate.
  • "Solid copy. Don't stop now." - After Jun reports spotting a Covenant corvette nearby.
  • "Confirmed. Receiving Noble Three and Noble Six's live visual of a Covenant strike force." - After Kat receives the visual of the Covenant military forces.
  • "Agreed. All recon teams disengage and fall back. Sun will be up in a few hours...and its going to be a very busy day." - After Jun tells her that it needs to be quickly eliminated.

Tip of the Spear[edit]

  • "Copy that. Acquiring signal lock on the pylon. Detonating in three, two..." - After Jun tells her the charge link is receiving.
  • "Might want to hold onto something!" - To Noble Six as they prepare to jump the bridge gap.
  • "Six! Can you hear me? Six, you alright? I could use some help!" - After Noble Six comes to from the crash.
  • "Pylons are down, we're pushing up the hill." - Responding to Carter on her status.
  • "Copy, Commander. New target, Six. Let's shut down those AA guns." - After Carter tells of 2 anti-aircraft guns.
  • "Commandeer that Warthog, Six." - After the Pelican drops the Warthog.
  • "Six, take that south road and see if you can get a better look at the spire. I'll be on call" - If Six gets separated from Kat after destroying the AA gun.
  • "Six, Pelican inbound with a portable bridge. Once it's in place head over the southwest side"
  • "Bridge in position, Six. Keep moving toward those spires."
  • "A Zealot? We're onto something big here, Commander." - After Auntie Dot informs her of an escaping Elite Zealot.
  • "High value target has been neutralized. Impressive, Six." - If Noble Six kills the Zealot.
  • "Mining facility secure, Six. Move on at your discretion." - After the enemies inside the building are neutralized.
  • "Jorge has a Falcon inbound to your position, Lieutenant. Highlighting the LZ now."
  • "Commander, I'm going to set up a forward observation post here."

Long Night of Solace[edit]

  • "That thing's crushing us, and we're waiting for backup? They'll be backing up a graveyard." - To Carter regarding the Covenant supercarrier.
  • "How converted?" - When Carter tells her he won't listen.
  • "You can say no."
  • "You don't even want to hear it?"
  • "Remember that accident a couple years back? Colony ship en route to Cygnus. Seven hundred dead?"
  • "Actually, it worked fine. The drive was mounted improperly after a service haul-out. When it fired it teleported half the ship to oblivion." - After Carter recalls it involved a slipspace drive malfunction.
  • "A certain Covenant Supercarrier could, with some assistance, suffer the same unfortunate accident..." - When Carter asks her how the event is relevant.
  • "Inspired?"
  • "May I?" - To Emile, if she could borrow his kukri.
  • "Objective? Destroy Covenant Carrier in geosynchronous orbit above us."
  • "Method? A slipspace drive in lieu of the nukes we don't have. Delivery system? Us. Solvable? Getting us up there. That, and getting our hands on a slip-space drive."
  • "Thank you for sharing." - After handing Emile his kukri back.
  • "As a soldier in the field I couldn't possibly have access to those kinds of resources- that said, a good place to look might be... I don't know, the nearest nonexistent launch site in the nonexistent Sabre Program, dismissed by three administrations as preposterous rumor... And in which our newest member was certainly never a pilot."
  • "All we need is a green light from Holland."
  • "You're the one asking him." - After Carter tells her that's unlikely.
  • "Copy that, Commander." - After Carter informs them they're expecting engagement.
  • "Launch facility, dead ahead."
  • "Well, some plans are too good to say no." - After Jorge-052 tells her he can't believe her plan was approved.


  • " copy? Repeat, this is Noble Two. Noble Six, Noble Five, do you copy?" - After Noble Six finishes the evacuation.
  • "We picked up your transponder about an hour ago, but we could not risk open comms. Covenant have this city sealed tight. We're getting nothing from Jorge."
  • "Understood... What's the situation at starport exit?" - After Noble Six tells that Jorge didn't make it.
  • "Alright. We're bringing you to us." - After Six informs her that the last transport is away.

New Alexandria[edit]

  • "Get your wings back on, Lieutenant. You’re flying this Falcon."
  • "Covenant have deployed comm jammers at the high-rises across the city. When I find them, you hit them. Hard."
  • "Oh, and don't fall in love with my voice. The closer you get to a jammer, the worse your reception is going to get."
  • "Stand by, Six... One of our Trooper squads went silent after the hospital got hit. I'll mark the location. Complete their mission, and take out that jammer."
  • "Noble Two to Noble Six: I'm showing the hospital jammer offline - nice work. Soon as you can, I need you back in your Falcon."
  • "Noble Two to Noble Six: you've got incoming tangos!"
  • "What's your status, 19?"
  • "You still with me, 19? 7-Delta 19, do you copy?"
  • "Six, I'm uploading coordinates now - get to Sinoviet Center. Help those troopers if you can, but get that jammer offline either way."
  • "Approaching the objective, Six. Watch for hostile fire."
  • "Noble Two to Noble Six, I'm still getting nothing from those troopers. You may have to take care of this jammer yourself."
  • "Six, I'm accessing building schematics. There's an elevator on the North landing."
  • "Schematics show alternate routes to either sides, Six."
  • "You're close to the jammer. Destroy it."
  • "It's a trap! Get the hell out of there!"
  • "Thermal looks clear for now, Six. Return to your Falcon and stand by for instructions."
  • "Go ahead, 27."
  • "Copy, 27 - help is on the way. Noble Six, I'm sending coordinates for the Vyrant tower. Go get those Troopers unstuck."
  • "Jammer offline. Well done, Noble Six. Head back to your Falcon."
  • "Copy, Gunnery Sergeant. Go ahead, over."
  • "Copy, Gunnery Sergeant. Go ahead."
  • "Solid copy. Noble Six will escort your Falcon to the tower."
  • "Six, Covies brought out a mobile jammer to mess with our short-range. Sending you the waypoint; go deal with it."
  • "Good work, Six."
  • "Copy, 1 Alpha 3. Noble Six, proceed to waypoint and give those troopers a hand."
  • "Copy, 21. Go ahead."
  • "Thanks a million, Sierra! Thought we were dead for sure."
  • "Copy, 40. Noble Six, you're not far from Maines-Traiger. See what you can do for those troopers."
  • "Understood, 18. Lieutenant, proceed to these coordinates; clear that LZ."
  • "Noble Six, we've got an evac op being harassed by Covenant Shade turrets. Neutralize it so we can get those Troopers out of there."
  • "Evac clear. Well done, Spartan."
  • "Lieutenant, I'm sending you Jotun's coordinates. Neutralize those Banshees."
  • "Noble Six, we're getting reports of Elites and Engineers trying to break into the Misriah Complex. I want them taken out."
  • "Way to shoot, Lieutenant."
  • "Copy, 39. Go ahead."
  • "Solid copy, 39. Lieutenant, proceed to the waypoint and eliminate those Shade turrets."
  • "Troopers are dead, Six... Nothing we can do." - If all troopers are killed in a mission.
  • "Noble Two to Noble Leader. All jammers are down."
  • "Confirm, ONI tower evacu-!"
  • "Covies are hitting the tower in force! They must have zeroed my signal!"
  • "Roger that. Noble Six, get over here and cover our evac Pelicans. I need you overhead, now!"
  • "Copy, Whiskey 35. Noble Six, take out those enemy Shades."
  • "Copy, Whiskey 35. Go, Lieutenant! Those turrets are Priority One."
  • "Understood, 35. Noble Six, you have to take out those turrets!"
  • "Scratch one."
  • "Another Shade turret's down. Whiskey 35, you are cleared to proceed with evac."
  • "Noble Six, lose those other Shade turrets so those Pelicans can get out of here."
  • "Third turret is down."
  • "That's the fourth Shade. Whiskey 37, you may proceed with evac."
  • "Noble Six, you've got to neutralize the remaining Shades for our evac birds."
  • "Five down, one to go."
  • "Noble Six, you are one steely-eyed Spartan. I'm extending the landing pad now. Come home, Lieutenant."
  • "I hear what I hear. Point is, why put Spartans on defensive deployments?" - After Carter rebukes her for accessing classified data.
  • "Chasing it, but this comm has more shrapnel than transceivers..." - After Carter tells her he needs the communicator back online.
  • "You didn’t answer my question."
  • "I know we're losing! I just want to know if we've lost."
  • "Colonel Holland. Hailing us! What's he doing on an open channel?"
  • "I can’t guarantee secure anymore." - When Carter asks her if the link is secure.
  • "I could." - When Carter asks if the Covenant could trace it to them.
  • "Keep it brief." - To Carter, as she hands him the communicator.
  • "Radiation flare! Big! Forty million roentgens!" - Kat picking up an airborne plasma blast.
  • "Atomic excitement scrambled the signal. Ninety million now!”
  • "Airborne. Close!" - When asking for the source.
  • "That close!" - When an explosion interrupts Carter's question about how close the blast is.
  • "First glassing? Me too." - To Noble Six while in the elevator.
  • "Don’t worry, I’m on it. Our best option is a fallout bunker in Sublevel 2. Ninety-six metres northeast."
  • "We get orders from Holland, sir?"
  • "If it hasn’t already." - When Carter states they're returning to Sword Base to keep Halsey's data from falling into Covenant hands.
  • "When does he get off calling a demolition op Priority One-" - Last line, cut off mid-sentence by a Sangheili Zealot with a Needle Rifle.

Gameplay Quotes[edit]

  • "This one seems to like me. Someone kill it." - When fighting an enemy.
  • "*Giggles*...Sorry, I didn't mean to...and I'll never let that happen again! Sorry." - After she kills an enemy. Also said in Firefight.
  • "I'm under fire!" - Annoyed, when being attacked by enemies.
  • "I knew it as soon as I saw you!" - When the player betrays multiple friendlies.
  • "So this explains all of the black ink." - When the player betrays multiple friendlies.
  • "I'll bury you here myself!" - When the player betrays multiple friendlies.
  • "Beautiful." - When the player headshots an enemy.

Firefight Voice[edit]

When looked at (by another player)

  • "I'm with you, Six. What do you need?" - Also heard when previewing voice in the Armory
  • "Got something you want to tell me?" - Also heard when previewing voice in the Armory
  • "It's the arm, isn't it? Don't worry, it won't be a liability." - Also heard when previewing voice in the Armory

When throwing grenade

  • "Frag out!"
  • "You like that?"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "I'm not done... yet!"
  • "More where that came from!"
  • "I don't plan on making it ​quick, or painless!"

When stuck by Plasma Grenade

  • "No!!"
  • "Agh!"
  • "Plasma Grenade!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • "I'm stuck!"
  • "Get away!"

When picking up weapons

Rocket Launcher

  • "I'm a one-woman wrecking crew."
  • "Heavy metal!"
  • "Heavy ordnance, coming up."
  • "They're gonna feel this."
  • "Might want to hold on to something!"

Spartan Laser

  • "Noble Two deploying Spartan Laser!"
  • "Cover your eyes!"

Fuel Rod Gun

  • "Flak cannon ready."
  • "I'm radioactive."
  • "Big gun ready, heads up."
  • "Covies are gonna catch some flak."

After making a headshot

  • "I make it look so easy."
  • "Gave that one a free face lift."
  • "I could do this all day."


  • "Under heavy fire!"
  • "I think I make it look cute."
  • "It breathes no more."
  • "You're not leaving here alive."
  • "Changing mags."
  • "Last magazine."