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China, Earth

Governed by:

China, UEG


Beijing is the capital city of the nation of China on Earth.


Beijing has a long and rich history that dates back over 3,000 years. Prior to the unification of China by its first emperor in 221 BCE, Beijing had been the capital of the ancient states of Ji and Yan for centuries. During the first millennia of imperial rule, Beijing was a provincial city in northern China. When Kublai Khan made Dadu the capital of the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty, all of China was ruled from Beijing for the first time. From 1279 onward, with the exception of two interludes from 1368 to 1420 and 1928 to 1949, Beijing remained as China's capital, serving as the seat of power for the Ming dynasty, the Qing dynasty, the early Republic of China, and the People's Republic of China. By the 26th Century, Beijing remains the capital city of China, now part of the Unified Earth Government.

Economy and society[edit]

Beijing has a reputation as a "big-media-advertising town" only rivaled by New York City in the United Republic of North America. Most people on Earth that work in media or advertising, especially journalists and photographers, live in one of these two cities.[1]

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