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Asmara was a human colony world in an unspecified system.[1] Early in the Human-Covenant War, it was glassed by the Covenant.[2]


Known residents[edit]


Human-Covenant war[edit]

Sometime after the start of the Human-Covenant War and prior to 2530, Asmara was discovered and attacked by the Covenant.[2] Gage Yevgenny's team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers was involved in the defense of the planet. One ODST to die in the battle was Mason, after a Sangheili speared him along with ten other ODSTs with an Energy Sword before Gage got off a near point-blank shot with a missile launcher.[1] Ultimately, the United Nations Space Command would be unable to repel the invaders from Asmara and the world was glassed.[2][Note 1]


The colony is likely named for the city of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea.

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  1. ^ The Halo: Reach data pads list Asmara as among the eight human colonies to have been glassed by 2530. However, as numerous other colonies besides those eight are known to have been glassed prior to 2530, this information is suspect, especially given that the information is from in-universe documentation created by the Assembly, which might not be aware of the other colonies' destruction.


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