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Amphium is a heavy-jawed Jiralhanae pilot serving in the Banished. In 2559, he led the first Banshee talon of the Clan of the Long Shields on the Ark.[1][2]


Second Ark Conflict[edit]

By late-2559, Amphium was part of the Banished force involved in the ongoing war on the Ark. Following the Long Shields' narrow victory over the Flood earlier in the year, Amphium commanded the clan's first talon of Banshees.[1] During the conflict, he was tasked with providing cover for the Long Shields during their investigation of the crash site of the Eklon'Dal Workshop Lich Pegoras - in which he led his Banshees to fend off encroaching kralidonk swarms.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Amphium was a careful Jiralhanae, and cautious in his wording - speaking strictly in terms of strategic realities as to not offend his commanders Pavium and Voridus.[1] The suffix "-um", on the end of Amphium's name, suggests he is likely of the Rh'tol skein.[3]

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