Alpha Base (Installation 09)

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This article is about the UNSC base on Installation 09. For other uses, see Alpha Base (disambiguation).

Alpha Base was a UNSC firebase established on Installation 09 by Marine forces of the UNSC Spirit of Fire during their battle against a Covenant splinter group known as the Banished.[1]

Shortly after the Halo ring's deployment from the Ark's Foundry, UNSC forces led by Spartan Jerome-092 established Alpha Base near Installation 09's control room. Using one of the Ark's access point teleporters, Banished forces began flowing onto the ring and slowly overwhelmed the human contingent on the installation. However, the portal was soon destroyed by UNSC forces on the Ark's surface, halting the flow of Banished reinforcements[2] and allowing the UNSC forces to secure Alpha Base. Moments later, a Retriever Sentinel attacked the base but was eventually taken control of by Professor Ellen Anders after UNSC forces secured three Control Towers in the area.[1]

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